Cosmic Dust Bunnies / Press

“The Cosmic Dust Bunnies ended the night with a hair raising set of high peaked techno melodies with more energy than the crowd could handle. Eric Hyland wailed on both acoustic and electric drums, adding stellar percussion beats and rhythm as Matt Dempsey rocked steady guitar riffs. Chris Sellas fused together robotic sounds and keyboard notes for an attention grabbing factor throughout the night. CDB are often a late night staple at major music festivals so it was refreshing to catch them before 3 am, for once.”

“The Cosmic Dust Bunnies are a cool collective originating from the CUT (Connecticut) and are made up of 4 key ingredients the bassist Matt Beckett, drumer Eric Hyland, keys Chris Sellas, and guitarist Matt Dempsey. Their flavor is a mixture between experimental rock fused with trance and electronic jams. Its music that’ll make ya move and not want to stop.”

Vibe That

“Spacey and other-worldly with a gentle jam-band-esque demenor.”

“Too well-produced to be a demo.. this is a sprawling disc that shows Cosmic Dust Bunnies to be versatile, verging on schizophrenic.”