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“So much talent!! Amazing!”

“Aerocosmica - what a track - wouldn't have gone a miss on Duran's first album - more of the same please”

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"Cosmic Winds" .... very peaceful... Very good running music...

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“Smooth Ambient vibe. Nice passages and structure, John Horton&Arend”

“You guys are unique. I've never heard anything like this .I can dig it .it's easy to see why you're no.1.”

“You don't just bring music you bring an experience to keep. I like how I was able to watch the video and kick back and view the ideas you bring visually. Well done...”

“It's great to hear you following in the vein of the early masters...Tangerine Dream, Eno, VanGelis. Excellent composition and artwork. It's a pleasure to lend my ears. Greetings from Utah , visit anytime. REA”

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“Great mood music..takes a listener on a journey”

“Hi Ely and Bruno. Thanks for connecting with us. Beautiful compositions. Your music is well thought out and captivating. Your music takes the listener to another place. Although our genre of music is completely different than yours I can certainly appreciate the careful attention you devote to each of your songs.”

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“Peace, love & respect from Canada. A beautiful. chilled-out ride into a new sound world. Blessed.”

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“Really love your Art! Sounds wonderful in my overpriced mixing headphones. I try to listen to as much Euro music as I can. Americans are way behind...”

“Love it. That's movie soundtrack or laser light show stuff. I can close my eyes and see a show in my head.”

“Elegant and complex in creativity and execution. Joy to listen to you. ... I see the Tangerine Dream influence. You impress so much, I am going to share you on Facebook. All the best. Charlie”

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“Lovin this wallpaper... looks like a dream. bren”

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“I listened to Aerocomica. Absolutely beautiful!”

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“Cosmic Dreamers is a beautiful song that sends me on an incredible journey in my imagination. Have you done any movie scores/soundtracks, yet?”

“Perfect. Couldn't fit my mood better tonight :)”

“Interesting mix! I like it....great stuff for body workers like massage therapists and spa music as well!”

“You produce ambiance at it's very finest.. I'm honored to become a fan!”

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“listenin' to Cosmic Winds ... great flow / sounds , mix ... lovin' it x 10 ...love the pix too , Cliff”

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“Great music..Feels like a dream, I do not want to end. -Charlie”

“Poetry and song are very touching. Catchy music ..”

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“Hey everyone in Cosmic Dreamers!! 'The Eight Energies' is a great track!!”

“I like your music alot. Maybe we can work on a mixtape song together?”

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“Nice chill psy vibe going on there”

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“i love the energy your music gives out great vibrations”

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“Your music and songs are very beautiful and touching. Success always for you”

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“I am Loving your sound! Some music, just inspires writers and delights...that is what your music does for me! Thank you for fanning me!”

“I went to your site and your music blew me away. Very cool. Geoff”

“Absolutely chillin, hearing that sound while regarding your awesome images- love it!”

“... I listened to a few songs ... It really worked my best speakers!!! Nice!!”

“indeed Cosmic Dreamers... The kind of minds we need on Earth... Thank you for your Art..”

“I love your elegant soundtracks, hope to hear more of you especially on some blockbuster movies.”

“Sempre un piacere ascoltare il vostro arte....adoro vostro lavoro.”

“you are awesome your music is cool Danny3Fingers”

“Chilling music, with a cool sound, i love "Cosmic Winds" make me traveling from sofa :)”

“real unique style, keep di music flowin, bless up!!!”

“Hey Cosmo, gratzi. You have some terrific energy there!”

“Checking out your top five soundscapes now. Liking what I'm hearing so far. Excellent work. All the best from Meander Lane.”

“So glad you have this page, and am now tracking thru it again. This music really "hits the spot" for me today.”

“great to meet you. Great sounds and wonderful atmosphere! Thanks for the enjoying. Kind regards Egmont”

“I can sure see why you guys are number 1 excellent cosmic groove I love the texture and the ambient nature of this excellent music guys”

“Love the Music!! And also the name haha - I too am a cosmic dreamer xD All the best to you!!”

“What awesome grooves may come — it's complex, diverse, surprising, breathtaking, and beautiful. You led me through the radiant continuum of our fantastic existence — Groove on, Dreamers!”

“Awesome videos to go with your cool sounds! Nice work!”

“I'm returning to the 80s listening to your song, to the time when I wore shorts to school. Thank you!”

“Very spellbinding, entrancing, and peaceful. I enjoy the head space that this takes me to!”

“Great complex textures and composition! Honored to have you as a fan! -Randy”

“incredible atmosphere, it took me flying trough the sky...”

“Mesmerizing/Energetic, your music takes you on a journey, glad to be a fan”

“The music really works well with the animation. Good job.”

“The Music is awsome and your art is amazing !”

“Wow cool, I have been looking for music like this for like 10 years, I used to get it with Mixposure but it faded away... you totally create soundscapes with composing, that aren't just loops, thank God your doing this. I am a fan of the cosmic realms of the universe, your music speaks it very well.”

“Music of integrity, originality and imagination . . .”

“Loving the truthfulness in your music! Very soulful. -Marina”

“Hey Cosmic Dreamers, just listening to "Aerocosmica" enjoying it so far :)”

“Thanks for the support! Cool futuristic techno sound in "The Eight Energies"! -One who May Ascend”

“Wow, really great stuff guys. I can totally feel this belongs in a film somewhere. Thanks for sharing your music!”

“Your sound is an amazing musical journey. Bravo! Rae/RedEyeDen”

“Watched your video's and got totally cosmic! Took me a while to return to earth! Regards, Erik”

“Your music is so hypnotic. YES. Fuck Yes. (sorry for the vulgar language, I am a youth) Hope you're having a good day! ^-^ ~KV”

“Awesome material guys! Thanks for turning me on to your great music. I forgot how much I love this genre. I'll definitely be coming back. Just great!”

“good morning,,, your music is a nice way to start off monday morning”

“I have so much music on my brain, I'm happy to hear, fresh and new, really good sounding music! But no lies about my senses about that!”

“Great sounds and wonderful artwork, keep it coming.”

“Mactrak Recordings Recommends Cosmic Dreamers Music 5Star Rating ***** The Music Themes Are OutStanding. Godbless Ur Music!!!”

“Your Music is Simply Excellent !!!”

“Your album art is hard. I'ma have to work hard to top the artwork you putting out”

“Unbelievable sounds and atmosphere all over your work. Congratulation guys, you have a big fan over here.”

“I like your stuff, better than Tangerine Dream, more original and less static, very nice!”

“Kind of reminds me of early Andreas Wollenweider (excuse the spellng). Cool.”

“Love the feel of this, guys. Artwork is fantastic... Serenity it is, then. Cheers.”

“Hi, Cool creative work and talent. Wish you much success!”

“Oh Hell Yea! That first beat caught me right away!”

“Hi!! ...I really like your music, that amazing atmospheres, and the electronic sound it´s so progressive, all support from México!!”

“Really digging the sounds your making.Your tracks sound like they would go well in movies :)”

“very cool atmosphere :) first song is the best!”

“I just listened to your profile song. The production is really good. Good club music.”

“interesting electronic music with a progressive approach - like that stuff!”

“Very nice. Klaus Schultz would be flattered. Sounds as good as some old Tangerine Dream from Phaedra. Thanks for being a fan.”

“LiKe your Video WIND TURBINE !”

“Relaxing and meditational, but there is also a rougher side! Great stuff mates! Your influences are spot on! ,,, Cheers Mr Tourette”

"the eight energies" are very calming in a 70ies prog way, with electronics and a steady, strong beat. like the changes between the gentle parts and the returning to more rhythm and action. interesting and spiritual!

“,,, Checking out your music and I gotta say its just what I've been looking for. I like to listen to relaxing ambient tracks at night. They help me sleep. These tracks have a feeling of cosmic transcendence to them. They're perfect!”

“A warm and nice departure ...Very nice atmospheric, stratospheric, music. A lot of work went into these arrangements.........DNK”

"Cosmic dreamers" Waves of pleasurable sonic wonder drift in an out of my consciousness. The atmosphere created here is so warm and mellow. Like floating in a salty sea. The vocal additions really set it off. Floating...... Jason

“Your songs make a good ambient to my mind:))”

“... It's a real trip listening to your tracks. Feel realllllly at peace with the vibes you're sending out - all the best! Peace”

“man i love your stuff artwork, music, and attitude. you guys r awesome thanks”

“Beautiful music. I will actually spend time listening to all of it and playing along with it on the guitar.”

“Name fits...quite original...belongs in a movie sound track...”

“Your videos are a trip, to use an overused phrase from my youth. Best wishes.”

“LOVE IT!! Your Music is Unique and Wonderful ... xoxoxo ATHENA”

“Nice yo, keep creating, real powerful movements! -PHD-”

“On top of all the astral ambiance, I really like the imagery in your videos, like the mountainscape resting among the clouds.”

“This is intense ethereal music that finds a way to hypnotize aswell as hit you in the gut with a passionate rhythm. Just all around wow.”

“Hey! I´m pleased to listen to your Cosmic Dreamland Music which is fascinating, tuneful and harmonious...All the best, and good luck from a danish musician, Keld”

"Cosmic WInds"... One word, outstanding!

“This is the sort of music I used to listen to and is probably the best I have heard in a long time.”

“Aloha from Hawaii. You found a really cool niche, I know I'll be hearing your compositions in film or gaming soon. Keep pushing that envelope.”

“Saw you on Pangaea's page and am playing all now. Supremo ambient !”

“This is absolutely 100% wonderful ambient music. Acoustic Lighting”

“hello there i was on your page and noticed ur visual art ...very impressive who does it?. your visual art is what i would like to depict my music as . pleases let me know thanks and keep listening”

“Without saying...Hypnotic, translucent, mystical, fantasy, atmospherically levitating. Thought you might like that last one. Alan Height”

“Thanks..''The eight energies''..you have composed this very interestingly..many different styles in a different levels..like Berlin style but still different..amazing sounds..like this one very much!!! Jean”

“class A all the way ...great job , lovin' it x 10 , Cliff”

“Wow! che belle ragazzi!!!!! molto suggestive...bella atmosfera.... suggestive, beautiful atmosphere nice work!”

“Your music does what you profess it does. Great Job. Thanks.”

"Cosmic Dreamers"It took me on a journey.So smooth.... Lovin your track"Cosmic Winds",so peaceful,nice flow. Stay blessed.Kalimba Master. -

“beautiful use of synthesisers, love all the depth in those pads!! some fantastic spacey FX !! awesome!!”

“...I just liked your band and Eight Energies to FB plus downloaded and am listening to this song again, it's awesome. Love all the different energies of percussion, the sweeping synths, the music is always evolving, never gets bogged down in any one particular thing, beautiful, grand. Great job. Did I read right, you're in Italia? Thank you for your support and your kind words. Ethan”

“Wow! Amazing ambient and prog music! I love Low by David Bowie and some Peter Gabriel, it's nice! izzy”

“A real treat and joy! Amazing music, loved it!”

“Your music is fantastic! Electronic music is my passion and my dream.”

“Sweet trippy tunes. Love it!”

“I'm really digging your tracks! Your style is refreshing in a copy and paste industry of music!!!”

“...I simply love,, your artwork,,, I love to play the synth... I have,, a Fantom,, g6.. Im soo embarassed,, to say... because,, it can create... Other worldly soundz(: When I see artwork, such as yours.. Or watch movies... it gives me,, creative desire! I too,, am a cosmic dreamer..(: be well my friends(: Krayg out...”

“you guys are just that...cosmic, and I mean that as a compliment, great trip, without the lick, man!! If you an do that with your music, you have tapped into something that can help, and heal people. Thanks for the fantasia!!!”

“The Artwork on your picture I think is Fantastic and so are you !! Best Wishes Ed Bone”

“Your videos captivate the imagination.”

“...Your music is different, absolutely a breath of fresh air. One loved”

“Is beautiful!! Different!! Blessings to you!! You Shine!!! Lorence Michaels”

“Hello Cosmic Dreamer I love your sounds, it puts a person in deep thoughts, then again it sounds as if you're trying to solve a mystery, like in a movie. Great Job! Alexa : )”

“peace my brothers i real dig this it's so much like i remember when i was growing up and electro was at it's beginning i'm 56 years young and you guys have master it to a new level great job keep being real....peace ”

“... the music you guys have there sounds really experimental in a very cool way, it's really interesting! Please let me know if you're ever interested in making some kind of collaboration, I'd be happy to. Have a good one and keep inspired, cheers :)”

“Incredible site man! Great songs and sound-I wish and know you will have nothing but success after success with the quality of these songs!!”

“Nice to hear some cool electronic music instead of the same old same O! Check out my band Zamapara.. Positive Vibrations”

“Nice to hear some cool electronic music instead of the same old same O! Check out my band Zamapara.. Positive Vibrations”

“Tangerine Dream, now that's a blast from the past. You've got some great sounds here. I fanned u and liked u. Tumm”

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“Your music and videos are a masterpiece for the senses! I would love to see a video on The 8th Energies.”


“You have a beautiful project with the combination of your music and graphics. I have enjoyed watching a video, and I look forward to seeing and hearing more of your work.”

“Hey guys..Back for some awesome Electronica.THE BEST..:) Have a GREAT 2013..chrisyd”

“I'm tripping away with this music as well as dancing, good for the mind and the body, thanks!”

“I love the vibe you give in "The Eight Energies" and "Cosmic Dreamers" Audible Insanity!!!”

"The Eight Energies", is a GREAT opening Track. Garbage Bin

“FANTASTIC! This is some very fine music. Thank you for becoming a fan.”

“Great tunes. Ambient One is excellent, really enjoyed my visit!”

“Thanks for sharing your Music, is just well structured. Cheers!”

“Hi Guys...pleasure to meet up with you..very nice music and graphics guys, well produced and put together..would be awesome to see this live...Will.”

“Friggin sweet jams you've got here! Positively epic. :) Best wishes.”

“Un petit message pour vous dire que j'ai un faible pour "cosmic wind"cette musique me fait voyager,merci pour votre talent et votre sensibilitée. Seb. ”

“Amazing digital chaos!!!... Wow! "Cosmic Vintage Ambient One" is absolutely stunning. Amazing! Great work. Cheers from Take Away The Ugly”

“The Eight Energies is a really great song! Such animation and power. I love the dramatic melody and instrument changes. Keep up the great work!”

“Hello. Thank you for the friendship. Your sound and CG is amazing. Matching of visual and sound is very good. Great work. ~The Onda”

“It's magical! On this hurricane eve here in New Jersey I'm going to spend time with you before the lights go out. ...=_=... Stay inside and stay safe!!”

“Superb electronic music.Really enjoying the classic synth sounds, pulsing rhythms and quiet interludes of The Eight Energies”

“Grazie per il fan su reverbnation. Mi piace la vostra musica ed i concetti espressi nella vostra Bio. Ciao e buona produzione”

“Wonderful Sound! I want more and more and more! Awesome work!”

“Wonderful sound! Reminded me of Rick Wakeman! Love it! ... Had a great time in listening experience on Cosmic Desolation of the 21st Century! Cheers! ...”

“Makes me want to go on a mission! ha Awesome work. keep it comin!”

“Enjoyed the emotional vision & depth of the tracks,nice mix and layering of instruments & effects Eight Energies was fav best of luck Rick W”

“Great Stuff here guys. I'm a HUGE fan of Klaus Schulza and Tangerine Dream. This is like taking that to the next level. Wow! Glad I found you! Take care”

“Wonderful vibes. Hearing COSMIC WINDS. Nice and transcending. You truly have a craftly cool feel Cheers”

“..is one great happyness for i visit your page and listen again "Cosmic Winds" this brightnes brilliant...Cheers ! ...3r3lla..Peace..”

“this is whimsical and a lovely mix - pixified, odd and - well, even! then there are those trance breaks! Thanks for the support :-) Jane”

“*The Eight Energies* Fantastic Synth, And Instrument Work!! Will Check Out More!!..:)T.”

“The Eight Energies.....love it.....kind of a celtic layer to it with an explosion of energy ....quite a diverse tune....i'll be back for more of your superb sounds :) june x”

“Pretty neat vibes going on here. Sounds like music from far out outer space movies. I like it. Myrtle”

“You guys rock. Just out of this planet!”

“You Guys are soooooo going on my I Pod! Cheers ~Zafris”

“your page is so awesome and i am very pleased to meet ya! ...:) hugz:)”

“Brilliant work. You've set a new standard.”

“Wow, cool stuff. I love the diversity of music on this site. Graphic arts and electronic music is such an interesting concept.”

“This would be dope in some RPG video games! Great sound, keep it up!”

“Amazing, fantastic accomplished work...love 'cosmic dreamers', so beautiful and surreal....”

“Ive never heard anything like this, euphoric pure bliss ... Cosmic Winds is hypnotic got me!”

“Hi there, Cosmic Dreamers! I'm enjoying your tracks - dreamy indeed! I'm a big fan of Goa/psytrace, and your music seems to relate. Sacha”

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“Cosmic Dreamers surely know how to create electronic/experimental music. This music has a great feel to it. Fantastic for atomosphere-like style music. Thanks for sharing.”

“AWESOME WORK! I love The EIGHT Energies...WOW...So surreal! AMAZING! illy 321illy.com”

“Loving the video artistry on both songs. Ely & Bruno...your talent knows no boundaries. Beautiful..All.”

“Just enjoyed watching your videos and listening to your sound tracts. Good work on both! Can see why you have #1 ranks.”

“The Eight Energies and Cosmic Dreamer... from big beat to ethereal textures... wow. I could either chill or study listening to Cosmic Dreamer... fits any positive mood. Great work!”

“Hi Bruno & Ely, I returned (as promised before) and explored your page for a while! Allover beautiful sound here - "Cosmic Dreamers" - a wonderful track, flimmering gentle around my ears. I like your combination of dreamy music and fantasy graphics very much! Love - Laury, World-Sound-Colours”

“Outstanding original music! Stunning soundscapes & brilliant performances! You're very talented & gifted artists! God Bless you from the UK.”

“Wow!!..... you've taken me on several journeys in just one song - I can't wait to listen to more..... all the best,the Throgemorten Five”

“Hey Ely and Bruno! ... I really enjoyed listening to your tracks, your concepts are very ambient and brings a sense of energy, tranquility, and relaxation. Your first track "The Eight Energies", is one of the few tracks you have that amps even more energy, but still maintain the calmness of the vibe you all have established, and personally one of my favorites. I believe you all will excel well in life, and I commend you both on your musical journey. Good Luck and God Bless!”

“FANTASTIC TECHNO world Bruno & Ely!! Masterful!! Thanks for being a fan....Enjoying the Fantastic world of creative minds and Talent of "COSMIC DREAMERS"... your friends @ CALIBER”

“Cosmic Dreamers indeed! Wow..love your style! Very dreamy... ,) Very beautiful... Brilliant soundscapes...dreamy & sublime....I'm listening now & loving it.. Best, Kelly”

“Thank you for bringing your universe to us! Music is man's greatest contribution and has healing powers. We love what you are sharing with the world. ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ The Honorifics”

“Hi Cosmic Dreamers, I am listening to "The Eight Energies." Great Electronic Vibes. ... Sincerely, Shane”

“Fantastic music! Hit the Play All--awesome!--Joey”

“The more I listen...the more I love! Cosmic Dreamers is my fav! Should have be a cut in a movie or something! XO!”

“I adore the space whisper in Cosmic Dreamers, this current set certainly pitches the bar high in my eyes, I await future offerings with the patience I have not yet learnt, all my hopes and wishes if you ever take your music into the arena, Matty. ”

“Great Techno! Awesome sound you have. Thank you, Kathy=LNL”

“Grazie per la vostra amicizia su Reverbnation!!!Complimenti per il vostro lavoro!!!Bravi!!!! Cordialmente”

“Brilliant stuff posted, Fresh, new and incendiary. Keep up the great work..”

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“Thanks for being a longtime "IGUANA" fan. Its been awhile since I listened to your music and forgot how much you rock !!!”

Artist - IGUANA - RN

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Artist - Geoff F Walter - RN

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Artist - Ami "Rayne" Rob - RN

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Artist - Audiotect - RN

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Artist - Gotcha Stroud - RN

“Awesome Music!! Music connects all people and bridges all gap. I’m a fan.”

Artist - Slim and Red - RN

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Artist - Jessica Belkin - RN

“Ciao. Great music. "The Eight energies" is fantastic. Congratulations. Greetings - Dimitrios”

Artist - Dimitrios Kyriakopoulos - RN

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Artist - Sozo L.A. - RN

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Artist - Kevin Patt - RN

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Artist - Plathara ( Mr. Nice & Wholesome ) - RN


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Artist - Hector Romero - RN

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Artist - Ben Wade | Producer - RN

"Dreaming Wavestation"...great journey of dream-sounds...

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“instantly charming :-)”

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Artist - Jared Brodersen's Music - RN

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Artist - D.O.C. Ghess - RN

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Artist - Killz - RN

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Artist - S-K-N (Serious Kinda Noise) - RN

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"stellar" comes to mind as I listen to your creations. Simply awesome !!!

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“Wish you a safe journey into space! Father & Son”

Artist - Father & Son - RN

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“COOL TRACKS!!! M.L.F.L emily”

Artist - Emily - RN

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Artist - Bruce Wayne Robinson - RN

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Artist - Amy Denio - RN

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Artist - Trajan,s "Mellow moments Collection" - RN

“maybe we can work in the near future.?”

Artist - Stee Low Key - RN

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Artist - Erik Hartley - RN

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Artist - MODARTIST (Eric Scott Bloom) - RN

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Artist - Signs In Helvetica - RN

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Artist - Cosmic Arson - RN

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Artist - Sergio Eguskiza Solar Zon - RN

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Artist - The Honest Mistake Band - RN

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dean jablonski - RN

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Amanda Pollard - R&B/Soul / Urban Pop - RN

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Harry V singer songwriter - Singer Songwriter / acoustic - RN

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B.Good - Hip Hop / lyrical story telling / something to think on - RN

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The Entranced - Electronica / Trance / Vocal trance - RN

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HPH (Audio Engineer/Producer) - World / Jazz / Classical / Film / Ethnic / Tech - RN

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The Fabulous Del Counts - Singer Songwriter / pop / R&B - RN

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DivinWoken - Alternative / Experimental / Freestyle - RN

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hilrant - Rock / alternative / singer song writer - RN

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The Legendary RT and Sredni - Blues / jazz blues / NY Blues - RN

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Gorgon - Rock / Power Pop / Alternative Rock - RN

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graham butterfield - Folk - RN

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Annie Handley - Pop / Alternative / Singer/Songwriter - RN

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Howard Lawrence - Alternative / Art Rock / Theatre / Madness - RN

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Ronggowisnu Prihadi - World / Rock / Jazz - RN


Circus Liberty - Pop / R&B / Hip Hop - RN

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Anchorage Alaska - Rock / World Fusion, Tribal / Trip Hop, Celtic Folk, Jazz fu - RN

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Chicago Ray - Blues - RN

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Infiniterra - Alternative / meditation / ambient other - RN

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New Profession - Hip Hop - RN

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Tim Medrek / timsrock - Rock / Progressive Rock instrumental / Smooth Jazz/Rock - RN

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StealthRT - Electronica - RN

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Andrew Austin - Jazz / Other / Electronica - RN

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DollyG - R&B/Soul / Singer/Lyrics Writer/Reggae - RN

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Amour (pronounced Ah-more) - R&B/Soul / R&B/Soul / Pop - RN

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No Zu Sounds Electronic Music - DJ / HOUSE / ELECTRONIC - RN

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Blistered Lips - Rock / Indie Rock / Mod - RN

“Just listened to "Cosmic Dreamers". Such a relaxed feel and good vibe. Actually calmed from some stress. Great job..... keep it comin'”

Michael Untalan - Pop / Dance / Electronic / Alternative - RN

“Extraordinary and imaginative music making here!”

Rowland Sutherland - Compostions - Classical / Jazz / Non-Western - RN

"The Eight Energies" adjusting my qi as I listen. Looking forward to listening in depth. ou have a very "Kitaro-esq" feel to your music that I really enjoy. Beautiful artwork

Blue Phoenix - Singer Songwriter / Fairy Folk Rock / Mystic - RN

“Love the comb of ur music and videos -- cutting edge.”

TIW Music - Pop / Dance - RN

“amazing dreamy sounds. nice profile!”

Marek Starx - Pop / Electronica/Dance / Ballads - RN

“Your music is awesome, it encourages you to use your imagination with the song! True music!”

Big League - Hip Hop - RN

“absolutely beautiful, your sound is heavenly! truely impressed! Love it!”

Dani-Lynn - Country / Pop / Singer/Songwriter - RN

“really nice music and the artwork is fab”

naked sunday - Alternative / Acoustic Rock / rock - RN

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“Wow, this music is our ticket for cosmic dreams alright. Great material here!”

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“Great trip through your cosmos”

The Electric Era - Alternative / Indie-Pop / Anti-Gloss Pop - RN


ABBA FATHER - Christian/Gospel / Christian Rock / jazz - RN

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Sounds 4 Da Masses Productions - R&B/Soul / Beats / Dance - RN

“Hello Bruno and Ely, I'm a big Tangerine Dream fan, and E. FROESE has listened to my work (I'm very lucky ;)). Your tracks are great, very emotional. I love your sounds. I hope you will enjoy my own stuff, I have 39 free tracks to download. So if you looking for a collaboration one day, I will be enchanted :) I wish you all the best from France ! -- T. L. --”

TALION LAW (40 Free Tracks to D/L) - Electronica / Ambient / Industrial - RN

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“Very, very cool! While listening to your tunes it's easy to imagine yourself jetting through the cosmos, taking in all the beauty and wonder the universe has to offer!”

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“I like the way you mix the tech and the drums in The Eight Energies”

LikeU - Reggae / Soca / Zouk - RN

“Inspiring, Dreamy, Lovely compositions. Your music takes me out of my conscousness, merging with the divine. Just Lovely.”

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“Voi due sono davvero sorprendenti. Ho apprezzato molto la mia giornata a causa di questa richiesta. La tua composizione è perfetto per le mie orecchie! Posso ascoltare la tua musica in ogni momento magico che potevo aspettarmi di sentire quando sente il mio modo di uno stato d'animo rilassato emozionale :)))) Questo è un lavoro stupefacente miei amici! con tanto amore Chris Cugene”

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Towering Tunes - Pop / actress comedy / singer in jazz blues band - RN

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“Thanx for the friendship also with this project, always a pleasure to listen to your great tunes! :) Have a nice Weekend! /H - Together Alone / Killerzmürf / Alfi / Amina”

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“ambient and hypnotic music”

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“Very original sound throughout Cosmic Desolation! ... Luv this piece Jazz Stellar, very Unique and interesting and very well blended! you are welcome anytime! Heleana Maria”

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“... amazing, inspiring and sensational music!”

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“☄ interchanged each ☄ ☄ by two persons changeable ☄ ☄ a changeable mind ☄ ©lantz45”

“very cool.... relaxing to "Cosmic Winds" very nice indeed!”

“Love the beautiful, ambient, ethereal textures of your music. The music takes your mind on a journey.”


THE AMERICAN BRITTS - Americana / Brit Pop / Classic Rock - RN

“Really enjoyed listening to Cosmic Dreamers...Chilled and ambient..very relaxing. This needs to be on a meditation CD. Great work!”

“Hi from Canada. Thanks for the fan support. Peace, love & respect. Beautiful sonic landscapes. Reminds me of the best of 70s electronix - the stuff with heart and soul”

“Hi Bruno & Ely, wonderful Tunes, brilliant spiritualy worx ! ! Rockin`PeaCe tO yoU ! GuNDi”

“Powerful images and moods this music creates. Nicely written and produced. Well done! Wayne”

“Hi There.. nice sounds to chill to.....I liked the Wave Song best...have a great music year...come on over...cheers Bob Ferguson”

“your a great musician n artist n i enjoyed the eigth energies”

“Bruno & Ely....Great music with great cosmic energy:) As Eno & Vangelis are two of my favorites...your music is as well!! Cheers and have a great week! Paul”

“Some very cool, surreal, dreamy instrumentals ! Excellent work. ~ Foxman”

“The Eight Energies is a rocking tune!!”

“Wonderful descriptive trax!! All the best to you :-)”

“Very relaxing beautiful sound mixed with exhilarating interludes. Well done. I enjoyed listening to them. cunsong, Carl”

“Creative style and talent throughout each song.”

“Beautiful atmospheres you create. Very soothing. Thanks for the listen :) Take care, Mary”

“yeah really like Cosmic Desolation of the C21st :-)”

“Hi from Canada. Thanks for the fan support. Peace, love & respect. Thank you for letting us visit your 3D sound world. Now, I am going to float back to Earth”

“I think I've just tranced out for the past half hour. Thanks for sharing the dream. :) Cheers! mal”

“Hi, thank you so much for the add. I enjoyed your page a lot, your music is absolutely great! Greetings from Bavaria!”

“Atmospheric, entrancing, multi-dimensional. Beautifully-done work.”

“The Eight Energies...hmmm what can I say, other than thank you! Incredible musical energy flowing through your art. Sending my support your way.”

“Definately some amazing music here ... if you stop and listen no where else ... don't miss this music.”

“'The Eight Energies', fantastic interleaved layers of sound, an amazing musical journey, awesome work!”

“These songs are one part outer space voyage, one part bad acid trip at a rock show....and that's not a bad thing. You've got a sonic adventure going on here”

“Love the synths man...great sounds..I love Eno and Tangerine Dream myself so I really enjoyed your music. G Moonshine!”

“Wow, amazing how much your music mimics your art and vice-versa, Bruno & Ely, what a magical, intense world!”

“Greetings Cosmic Dreamers, I enjoyed your "Cosmic Winds"! The music is so beyond anything else..and it has a radiant quality that is quite enchanting! Keep making your music”

“Really enjoyed The Eight Energies!. Great arrangement!. Thanks for being a fan!. Peace Pickett”

“Splendide sonorità! Complimentissimi !”

“FANTASTIC!! I really am enjoying your tunes! -Tete-”

“amazing music on your page!!! and thanks for the conection!! ;)”

“Excellent sound and production on "The Eight Energies".... Nice!”

“excellent vibration you have here... Love and Light. ~L”

“My favorite is Cosmic vintage ambient... great meditation music..”

“Enjoying COSMIC WINDS now!! AWESOME!! Thanks for the colourful canvas of sounds!! My oldest son lives/studies in Bologna!! Be well and keep making your incredible aural landscapes!!”

“Riding "Cosmic Winds" today ! What a beautiful way to travel !”

“Fantastic Dream Right Now!!! Great Music!!! krayze”

“Cool music! Original and unique. Cheers!”

“Great atmospheric soundscape, loved Cosmic Dreamers with it's haunting vocals and sweeping synth :)”

“Hi COSMIC DREAMERS, Wonderfully creative and atmospheric use of synths, breakdowns and beats ya got there my friends, my best wishes to you for an awesome 2012! Peace & respect, Aerial”

“I love this! Excellent outerplanetary tunes full of surprises. Keep up the great work.”

“Extremely Atmospheric!!! Love n Strength n Understanding your way Cosmic Dreamers in these last of last days!!! amen”

“Lush 3-dimensional musical trips!”

“nice works, comfortable to listen...amazing tech in each tunes! keep up great works! :)”

“Beaux paysages sonores ! merci”

“THE EIGHT ENERGIES.... Excellent flow of sound scapes take you through the journey of a soul. ~kc”

“Great selection of sounds. Warm ambience. Music to close one's eyes. All the best ~ kapp”

“Stopping by again to listen more of your music! 'The Wave Song' is simply wonderful. All the best.”

“Cosmic dreamers... de la bonne musique visuel!”

“Thanks so much! I appreciate it:) I tink I know your world from touring. Love your sound and graphics! Rob”

“Magnifique ambiance à la fois personel et tres prenante.Nous sommes projetés sur une autre planéte qui n'apartient qu'à ses créateurs.Merci pour cela.”

“cosmic winds. fine production work. great sense of dynamics overall.”

“Exceptional, well-crafted compositions. Loved your art work, tremendous - Kerry”

“eight energies. solid vibe. respect from chicago. g”

“T'he Eight Energies' now this IS some great and funky sounding Electronica / Techno with a groove...”

“Que buena energía desprenden tus traks, felicidades. Gracias por tu apoyo. Besos, Natalia”

“Seriously talented music here!!! Wishing you much success :) - OD”

“Un po' d'italiano ....bel suono e ben prodotto, complimenti. Pace e serenità a voi....non bastano mai!”

"Hi Friends, Running part of your list now. Absolutely incredible! Thank you for this amazing listening experience. ... Enjoying your set right now. Fanned / Recommended You and ""liked"" you on FBook... This is a set of really beautiful compositions. Musically deep and rich in texture. They kind of take you on a ride. An exhilarating one!"

Rick Frost - Singer Songwriter / Alternative / Americana - RN

“Fantastic! Love the ethereal atmospheres, AND the 3D artwork.”

“Love the sound, atmosphere and graphics of course. Thumbs up.”

“WOW!! beautiful music!! takes you to another place. Soothing mellow sounds very creative. exellent tracks!!!!!”

“Great sound and art work. Thanks for finding me. Love Carol x”

Carol Ichinose - RN

“Great Tracks : ) Love it, look forward to hearing more. Very cosmic and atmospheric. Great sounds…. James”

“Cool, creative, cosmic songs and sound! Great tracks!”

“FAR OUT DUDES...!!!!..AstroboONE..StarTramps..East London..”

“Lovely work guys!! An excellent combination of music and images!!! lol from TRANSLUNAR”

“Wonderful, and mysteriously awesome music :) so expressive :) enjoyed listening very much..thank you for your support and all the best to ya from Australia..Jen”

"Excellent music... Your music is mesmerizing. Regards, RM"

“So smooth, beautiful and soul touching....Good Work.”

“Really cool cosmic journey through your music! Thanks and Cheers from Sonic Sobriety!”

“...Cosmic Desolation is just so beautiful - stay blessed my cosmic friends - I also think I am learning once again to write longer messages, thanks to you:- … loving the timing on Vintage Electronic Music --- perfect!!”

“.。Great music, great arrangements, superb producer.。 ♫。 ♪。 ♫。 Great work mate.”

“Truly a cosmic dreamworld awaits. Greatly enjoyed the Vintage ambient and electronic tracks. Will be back again.”

“bellisima musica !! between Vangelis and Tangerine Dream.... j'adore ! surtout "Space immensity" et les videos sont magnifiques, j'aime beaucoup "Cosmic winds", j'ai fait un beau voyage, merci. forza 'taliani !!!! baci forti da Pariggi. val:”

"Wow, Bruno, just been listening to 'Cosmic Winds' and love it. We obviously have a similar taste in producing cool ambient music although I do other stuff as well. I have recommended you too! I will check out your other tracks soon. Regards Phil"

“Top sound .... love the eight energies ... keep dreaming cosmic dreamers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“WOW !! your music is amazing...I listened to every track...”

“...ciao ragazzi é un piacere scoprire e ascoltare le vostre intense atmosfere..complimenti anche per il video e la sua atmosfera "da sogno"”

"Excellent material recorded here. I love the Atmospheric sounds and feel in these compositions. The songs take you on a musical Journey on each song. Playing your front page today. Picks: Cosmic Winds, Jazz Interstellare and Cosmic Vintage Ambient One...Tony"

"Dear amazing talented friends, Great music! Thank you so much for sharing your magnificent universe* Absolutely fantastic! Peace & Love* Ryo "

“Absolutely amazing music… I heard "The Eight Energies" and immediately became a fan. I'm so glad, because every track here takes me to another world and I want to stay here for a long time :-) Beautiful work and production”

"Loving the relaxing feeling I get listening to your music. Very creative and wonderful. Best wishes scott j"

“Great Musical work and Compositions :) Love it!! Cheers Castor Six ”

“Nice artwork :-) DAZ ist sehr gut.... now i got to check you music… Yeah it sounds cool and spaced out, right now i enjoy the title track, and espesialy like the spooky voice. reminds me of this old time favorite Window Licker. Cool :-)”

“You got my Attention..!!! Great stuff here....!!!”

“A delicate mixture of styles...extraordinary sound universe :)”

“Great stuff, Cosmic Dreamers! So mellow and soothing.”

“Hey! Nice sound and tunes of yours, really enjoyed the listening! I already feel in a state of wellness and serenity! :)”

“This kind of music represent, what I understand about Ambient music. Space sounds and less drums, long pads and whirly effects. To hear and understand this music needs a bit time. Take this time and you will fly out into space. Close your eyes and enjoy. At least, I was happy to hear my loveley Korg Wavestation - a synthesizer saurus from the 90's. A good job at all, Cosmic Dreamers”

“Beautiful music....beautiful site....Loving your music ! All the best on REVERB!”

“Your music and video, what a great sound. Relaxing, dreamy. I'm positive the music could be used as relaxation in the mental health indust.”

“Thank you for your wonderful songs! A pleasure to listen… ”

“There are no borders in music when looking for beauty. Feel the beauty of music forever. Respect and support from I&SON.”

“Gliding in the heavens aboard the glorious Cosmic Winds this evening. Beautiful ride. Frank Smith”

“Really diggin your spacey soundz. Superb music!”

“YES we enjoyed Cosmic winds on our first visit, now having Space Immensity to spread our wings...”

“Mesmerizing tracks, guys. You have some great soundscapes. The vocal in Cosmic Dreamers is haunting. I really like that one. Mark”

“Wonderful music, I like your videos too. Wishing you all the best in the New Years ~ Frankie”

“Super cool votre son !”

“Très planant votre univers, on se croirait dans la stratosphère!”

“Aquatique,une bulle de savon qui s'élève et qui se laisse porter par le vent, musique relaxante et hypnotisante”

“belle découverte cosmique et psyké!!”

“Toujours aussi beau, émotionnel, envoutant, organique, planant...”

“Cosmic Winds could be on a Zelda opus !”

“An electronic journey in the space time to escape in our dreams, Cosmic Dreamers takes us there! A good listening to all!”

“Un voyage électronique dans l'espace temps pour s'évader dans nos rêves Cosmic Dreamers nous y emmène Une bonne écoute à tous”

“Sweet electric. Great use of analog and digital. I'm hearing movie soundtracks! Keep up the good vibes.”

“Amazing music! Beautifully arranged and composed! ... "The Eight Energies"... Amazing song!! Incredible Talent!! Best Regards~ J.O.A.”

“cosmic tube ride, only a surfer knows the feeling and you make the music for it, very nice”

“'Cosmic Winds' is carrying me to new realms!”

“... listened to the eight energies..dif from i usually listen 2 but i waz impressed to say the least! kinda trippy..kinda rocn..its like a journey thru music. Great Work!”

“real great and amazing work! u r dreamy n we adore your style vibe n sound! go on fascinating us with your talent :)”

“Love the mix and sound of"The Eight Energies!" Fantastic job! The beginning was almost Bowie-esque, circa Berlin Era.”

“I have so much music on my brain, I'm happy to hear, fresh and new, really good sounding music! But no lies about my senses about that!”

“Cruising through your cool Cosmic sound! Fab tunes!”

“Strangest music i have ever heard in my life.... I FREAKIN LOVE IT, keep it up”

“This is some deep atmospheric stuff, I could see it featuring in movies and games. Great work! Keep producing!!”

“Beautiful! Very reminiscent of Tangerine Dream! Would love to collaborate sometime!”

“mystical ...beautiful ...havent heard real drums 4 a while...really nice mix , great job , Cliff”

“Hey Guys, Greetings from America!!! Frankie Eldorado here!! Your music Is fantastic!! Very deep!!! Soothing!! AKA Frank D Augusta!!! Stay In touch!!!”

“I really liked all the tracks guys! I like the little jam out part in eight energies right after the mod'd synth intro”

“Bruno & Ely, Your work is a vanguard for what true ambient is, just wonderful and relaxing to listen to, straight through each 'Cosmic' track! -Janice”

“FANTASTIC Music AND ART!!! Beautiful!!”

“Nice electronica! Don't stop, you are at the top. The Solstice Reign likes you creations.”

“Comme vous pouvez voir de mon profil je suis une roche n roulent la sorte de fille, mais après le fait d'écouter votre musique molle et sereine je suis devenu un très grand fan. Il calme si et magnifique de juste s'asseoir et détendre, écrire ma poésie, attraction et peinture aussi. Merci pour l'inspiration et merci pour l'invitation. Votre Ami Reverbnation, Cheri”

“Majestic music guys”

“Trances to die for with smooth transitions!! Great work! Love it”

“Love this sound. I was weened on Kraftwerk! Hear a little Vangellas in there too. Perfect while writing or driving!”

“nice sounds! has a irresistible 80's charm between electronic pop and progressive music. like that!”

“Your music is a Masterpiece and thank you for sharing your gift! Best Wishes for much Love/Happiness in your life! Be Well, Nurakh”


“I like your music. I hear some Hawkwind influence? Good stuff! Best wishes”

“Wow, very peaceful music. Loved listening to the tracks as I destressed from the work day. Keep it up!”

“Fantastic work, a gorgeous flow of sound.”

“Your sounds really "Vangelis!! All the best Gallardo”

“Fantastic music!!!! Looking forward to hearing more! :) - Jess”

“Your music is BRILLIANT! Happy to listen to your songs. Greetings from Argentina!”

“I like your music and LOVE you album art. Thanks for the support”

“Calming and energizing. Really enjoyed the ride. -Bob”

“Thanks guys for expanding my Universe with your music... Enjoying this experience immensely!”

“Cosmic Dreamers!!! How appropriate!!! Good thinking & listening to music! The Eight Energies took off unexpectedly!! Wow!”

“Awesome . . you guys are the first band I've heard on here that does what I want to do! Great job!”

“Awesome. Super. Forte! ... futuristic, universal, spiritual”