Cory Taylor Cox / Press

“We Made These Sounds Together is a seven-song masterpiece that will wow even the most persnickety ear. Everything about the album seems deliberate and meticulously planned and executed. Each song has it’s own story to tell, yet they all fit together to serve one purpose; to show Cox knows how to make good music. His songs have this ability to stay in your brain, swirl around and leave you in a dream-like trance. ... the album has wonderfully descriptive lyrics woven throughout indie melodies. His story telling abilities will have anyone listening hanging on each word he sings anticipating what he will say next.”

“The southern-grown ensemble practiced dilligently to convert Cox’s charming-pop ditties to rock and roll fist-pumpers with just enough “dirty” to justify their cheap beer and smooth talk habits.”

“Fans of indie folk and pop will adore Cox’s album. But for anyone who’s searching for something a little deeper beyond buzz words will find a wealth of beauty in this treasure of a record. “…Not Just a Dirty Rumor” is a true, heartfelt, pure record. It’s the sound of a 20-something man making his way in the world.”

“More approachable than Bright Eyes with all the poetry intact, what Cox lacks in epic anthems he makes up for in heartfelt delivery. Soundtrack music to play checkers on a rainy day with your sweetheart as directed by Wes Anderson.”