Cort Carpenter / Press

“A Must Read Review of Nashville's Cort Carpenter - August 2016”

"The total package! The voice, the look, the performance & the charisma of a SUPERSTAR. Better than most of the guys out in country music today! MUST SEE!"

Nashville, TN

“The best unsigned artist and band in Nashville. What a show!”

Franklin, TN

"If Cort Carpenter is not on the big stage soon, something is not right in this business. He has the look, the sound, and the entertainment value of a vet. Loved his band, loved him."

Country Music Social Review

"One hell of a show! You know how to keep the patrons in the building and the ladies screaming."

Second Fiddle Management - Nashville

"Nashville's most requested band!"

The Stage - Nashville

“Minnesota is officially in LOVE with you and the band! One of the best bands to come through Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill!”

Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill

“You put on a show that Cowlitz County will not soon forget! We are rooting for you! We see big tithings coming soon for you! Rockin' show!”

Cowlitz County Event Center

“The Oregon Jamboree's most entertaining set! You guys were awesome! So so so fun! Come back next year!”

Fan - Oregon Jamboree

“Denver absolutely loved you here at the Grizzly Rose! One hell of a show! See you soon back here at the Rose!”

Denver, CO - Grizzly Rose Management

“BEST show, BEST band, BEST singer, BEST performer in Nashville. Amazing stuff guys!”

CMA Fan Fest

“A must see performer! We will see him on the big stage! His band is amazing too!”


“Hands down, the most exciting and surely the most promising unsigned Nashville artist and band in Nashville. Must see!”

Nashville Industry Professional

"This band puts on the best show in Nashville on a consistant basis. Regardless of what anyone says, Cort Carpenter is going places and its only a matter of time before he is signed. Hes got the look, voice and performance of a young superstar!"

Bill R. - Nashville, TN

"Likely the most promising country artist in Nashville. The commercial look, sound, and performance is all there. We will be watching Cort Carpenter."

Nashville Songwriter

"Former Kelso star athlete Cort Carpenter has released an album"

"Absolutely incredible! Cort has the stage presence, the look and the sound that should be on the big screen & radio. So excited for this young man".

Huntsville AL, Industry Guest

"The best entertainment Tequila Cowboy has to offer. Your band rocks and the people swarm in to see you!"

Tequila Cowboy Staff

“One of the best show we have had here in a long time! You always rock it, and we make money."”

Tequila Cowboy Staff

“Awesome! You had the crowd going and put on a show. We will be having you in again soon.”

Tequila Cowboy Owner

"Killer show. You rocked our socks off. Great music, outstanding band, one hell of a performer! We are behind you to the top!"

Tequila Cowboy Patron

"We will be seeing you on the big stage soon. It will happen! People! Must see Cort Carpenter Live!"

Tequila Cowboy Staff Member

"You rocked it today at Honky Tonk Central! You were a true entertainer today! We want you back ASAP!"

Honky Tonk Central Staff Member

"Nashville's Next Big One!!"

Elite Magazine Editor - Valencia, CA.

"Packed out the venue... Again! Wow, if Nashville doesn't grab this guy, they are nuts!"

Valencia Wine Company Staff

"Better than the famous guys!!"

Editor in Los Angeles CA.

"Why isn't Cort Carpenter on the big stage? He has the complete package and is one heck of an entertainer!"

-Fan in Los Angeles CA.

"You rocked the crowd again! Great show. Great music. Everybody loved ya!"

Valencia Wine Company Staff

"Amazing show! We hope to see you guys back here at Duke's really soon!"

Duke's Bar Staff

“Wow! You blew the crowd away and we were amazed with you and your band! We would love to have you in frequently after that performance. The crowd loved you! ”

- Valencia Wine Company Staff & Owner

"Sold out show! What a night. Over 400+ people! We were turning people away at the door due to capacity regulations! Please come back...

Monticello Hotel Ballroom Staff

"We loved the show. We hope you come play here again!"

House of Blues Voodoo Lounge Staff

"Wow! What a show. You guys really did pack the house until closing on a Thursday Night! Great music, and professional sounding band. That was awesome."

Cowboy Palace Saloon Staff

"Can't wait to see Cort Carpenter get signed by someone big real soon! Someone will be very lucky!"

Spirit Mountain Casino

"One of our favorite bands we have ever had here in the Mountain View Sports Bar. Please come back again very soon!"

Mountain View Sports Bar Staff - Spirit Mountain Casino

"A true country music entertainer!"

Azteca Beach Party

“See what the fans say by clicking this link! You have to see what these raving fans are saying! - http://www.cortcarpenter.com/fanfeedback.htm”

"One of the hottest bands we have had come into Dodge! We look forward to bringing you back for more shows real soon!"

"A huge THANK YOU, to Cort Carpenter and The Triple C Band for a rock'n weekend! The crowd absolutely loved you, as did we. We are so looking forward to the next show!"

“Cort Carpenter is the newest country music talent to hit the stage! Cort and his band have a huge following already and the numbers continue to grow- The band has been known as one of the best, most exciting new bands to take stage in the country music scene today. Look for Cort Carpenter & The Triple C Band in your area soon! ”

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