Corrosive Kids / Press

"Corrosive Kids put on a great show tonight at least from what I saw of it (I arrived a little late oops). One thing that was different from other times I had seen them was the addition of backing vocals by their guitarist. I thought that was pretty cool and added a little more texture and craziness to their already avant-garde blues-rock/punk tunes."

"All my distaste from the opening band was quickly overturned as soon as Corrosive Kids took the stage. It had been over a year since I had seen these guys jam, and they were better than before. By far one of the more eccentric and original bands in Grand Rapids, Corrosive Kids play a raw mixture of punk, and blues with a little psychobilly thrown in there for good measure. Go see these guys if you failed to do so already"

"...Seriously all over the place and fucking bizarre in the same spirit (perhaps even more so) as the weirder Alternative Tentacles bands. Echo fadeouts, sax solos, '60s sitar-inspired jams, it's all here, though most of the songs are mid-tempo or slower. The vocals are heavily exaggerated and almost sound like cartoony caricatures of classic punk vocalists with sort of an overall NOMEANSNO feeling. I imagine few will be able to hang, but this is rad."

"This is what punk is all about folks. This comp was recorded in one day last Feb. at the suicide house in Grand Rapids MI and the recording quality is really good. Seventeen bands,one house,one day wtf…..I am willing to bet that any of these bands are great to see live. This comp runs the gamut of straight ahead USHC to grind to crusty ’90s influenced HC and beyond. The variety of punk influences on this comp is pretty amazing and while this may sound like a nightmare for some it works on this record. Since pretty much every song on here is good."