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“Corrin’s latest track is a raging blast furnace of scorching guitars and lethal vocals that light up the airwaves like a relentless incendiary barrage of limitless firepower. She storms through the lyrics of “What You Wanted” with a fierce, defiant attitude and a strikingly insubordinate prowess.”

“...the band have included a cover of OneRepublic's 'Apologize', and by God I'm glad they did. It's very sensitively done but it still captures the mood of the song perfectly - probably one of the best songs here.”

“Artists boast all the time about being unique and unlike the rest but Corrin Campbell is the real deal. Her unmatched background coupled with her dynamic, pop rock sound makes her a force to be reckoned with in the Christian music world.”

“[They] may be Army strong, but are also musically gifted. The armed services and the rest of the civilian popuation should be very proud of Corrin Campbell & the Election after hearing & experiencing Game Night.”

“Corrin’s honesty and genuine songwriting paired with the band’s hard-hitting musicianship and a voice to rival either of the Wilson sisters is sure to deliver a treat to first time listeners.”

“Game Night rocks, but the best parts of the project are the songs into which Campbell has clearly put her heart as a way of turning angst into art.”

“It's always a good sign when a CD gets your toes tapping right from the opening notes. Campbell opens Game Night in just this fashion...”

“As soon as I heard Corrin Campbell, I knew I had room in my life for another female-fronted rock band. I think you will too.”

"Each song is constructed with intimate care. With blistering drum syncopations, screaming guitar solos, and roaming bass riffs the band can certainly play!"

“Even the girls who just want to rock tend to be filed under the angry-chick-whos-just-mad-that-her-boyfriend-dumper-her-for-someone-prettier-rock genre. Then we have Corrin Campbell, whose energetic voice and spunky lyrics refuses to become a cliché.”

"...it's certain that Corrin Campbell has the perseverance and determination necessary to make it...It's not hurting that she has a beautiful voice to accompany her rip roaring bass grooves and hot to trot band."

“Corrin is one bad ass singer, and the boys in the band can PLAY man YAH!”

Val Halla - Blog.ValHallaOnline.com

“A stand out quality of the record is the honest and personal lyrics that come across like pages from a diary...”

““Exhibit A” by Corrin Campbell catches your attention from the first track of this powerful pop-rock CD. Campbell's CD displays her versatility as a singer, as someone who can sing ballads, as well as upbeat pop/rock music without losing her unique style.”

Alicia - Radio Indy