Corpus Christi / Press

“The album doesn’t disappoint, never at any stage are you left wondering who Corpus Christi are, they set out to pick you up and spit you out on their path of destruction. ‘Shepherds In Sheep’s Clothing’ ends the album by bringing that destruction from your speakers to smack you in the face. Turn your speakers up full and you can feel the crows picking at the last scraps of flesh on your bones.”

"Originality in the metal landscape is a difficult trait to come by these days. Only a handful of innovative bands will be the true bearers to the progress of the genre, and the imitators will follow. If Cincinnati’s CORPUS CHRISTI has any say in the argument, their explosive, guts-and-glory style of metal will be one of the former."

"If you like heavy metal in general I really think you’ll like Corpus Christi. While they stay true to the metalcore formula some of these riffs are just face meltingly heavy. It’s full of double bass pedal action, but not so much so that it’s annoying. I said it above, but if you are into bands like Killswitch Engage, The Devil Wears Prada or As I Lay Dying I really think you’ll like this band."

“While having the chance to listen to A Feast for Crows, we were immediately able to get into the essence of this album from the very first track, down to the great lyrics and instrumentals. This albums features a wide variety of styles in each one of the tracks, offering loads of variety to their overall style; definitely a plus in our book. This album has a great energy to it, which shows the bands potential to get their fans involved in their music. Not only is the energy great, but the lyrics are as well. Very diverse and powerful lyrics that send a message. We at Enjoy Indie took likeness to tracks such as; Portrait of Modern Greed, Monuments, Little Miss Letyouknow, and (Seeing You Again) For The First Time.”