The Mother Corn Shuckers / Press

“So much of Americana is so fucking depressing. Take a shot of something refreshing and imbibe Beergrass.”

“The Mother Corn Shuckers If you like bluegrass, that's awesome. If you don't you're about to love it.The Mother Corn Shuckers hail from San Luis Obispo, but as far as I'm concerned they could have walked out of Appalachia. (Except for those songs about the sea -- not so topical to a coal miner.) The band brings a genuine passion and drive to each song on this album, whether it's the rollicking "Coffee" or "Corn Liquor," or the contemplative "Rossin' Up My Bow." So throw down with some good time-y music. And have yourself a superlative weekend.”

“Need to tell someone why they need the Mother Corn Shuckers? Here's our Electronic Press Kit to git there feet stompin'...”

“Shuck you, man! The Mother Corn Shuckers are opening the barn door, hosing themselves off, jumping in the old pickup truck, and heading your way with their newest member, Cody St. James. Said front man Che Miller, Cody’s “bringing a new sound to the band and we’re fired up like an out-of-control harvester with no steering wheel!”.”

Glen Starky - SLO New Times