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"If you haven't listened to Corners of Sanctuary , your missing out on some really some smoking hot new music. "

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"Sweeeeeet track, wow your guitars and drums are super tight! You guys are great! Holy crap that double bass!"

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"Corners of Sanctuary Makes no bones about it Metal has returned! Sounding as metal as a band can be the band is a refreshing mix of Iconic metal sounds from the old school British Heavy Metal era with an edge! Influenced by Judas Priest, Accept, Iron Maiden Corners of Sanctuary holds true to their roots with a twist of pure raw classic metal only Corners of Sanctuary's can deliver!"

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““Love the depth of talent in this band... simply amazing! What a powerful sound they have!” ”

"...Your Music, Lyrics and vocals Rock!!.." Kathy Loud N Loaded Productions

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“C.O.S. "Breakout" CD Review "This is kick your ass in... metal at its finest. A force to be reckoned with." Eric Sadorf - Dj Metalgod MentalMetal Show Xtreme Metal Radio ”

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“Awesome! April 3, 2012 By Zen Say Format:Audio CDThis CD brings back the old school metal we all grew up on - it rocks from start to finish! \m/ ”


“Solid Rock April 3, 2012 By playadelcarmen Format:MP3 DownloadNicely done. good recording. Lots of creativity going on here - solid rhythms, nice leads, good vocals. All around worth the listen. ”


“Entire EP rocks April 3, 2012 By Joe Joe Format:MP3 DownloadFirst I down loaded cross of war and was blown away. But after listening to the entire release i am overly impressed with the entire deal. Most of the stuff out there now is a bunch of screaming over the music. Finally back to the days of having a singer. ”


“Customer Reviews Awesome Stuff !! by hellokittycat357 This rockssss. Awesomeness!! by Thelonedrummer Frickin sick!!! \m/ Back at it! by Christian Cooper Old School is new again! Loved this! ”


“Corners of Sanctuary “Forgotten Hero” CD Review Metal has returned… The tag line Philadelphia-based Corners of Sanctuary is plugging with the release of their first CD, the EP “Forgotten Hero”. If you are a fan of the old school British Heavy Metal era, Judas Priest, Accept, Iron Maiden, than you are going to like this one. The disc contains six original tracks; two, tracks 1 and 6, are instrumentals. The other four are hard hitting, head banging throw backs of that classic sound prominent in the early 1980’s. Read more at the link below.....”