“Hi Corneilius, David from Commie Faggots. Just thought I'd let you know I've had some of your songs stuck in my head since Mary Ellen's thing the other day. Nice set. Dx”


“it was so wonderful to have you play for us again - thank you so much. The fragrance of your music will remain with me and everyone who heard it for a long time. Truly heartstirring melodies! Much love and gratitude Katie Rose The Rose Window”

Katie Rose - Rose Window Events, London

“Corneilius' music reveals the heart intelligence that is masked by culture, religion and insecurity in ways that make that knowledge palatable, useful and empowering! We love him!”

“Perfect cup of Tea : This is a wonderfuly sentimental composition that evokes the warmth of friendship and tea! Lyrically engaging too - the words flow efortlessly from the singer even though the song is quite busy, driven by the ethereal fingerpicking style”

“Corneilius is well known for his searing social commentary, his passionate expressions and his way with words, all of which is underpinned by fine guitar playing. His warm, rich voice varies from whisper to thunder as he shares his all too evident gifts, most often for free! Because he can!”