Cori Schrader / Press

“We are very grateful that you joined us through Facebook! I have come to your site so I could return the favor. I am listening to "You are My Child" as I write. You have a strong, beautiful voice, "honest" is a word someone used in your press clippings, which sums it up well. We are proud to have you as our friend in Christ and we are certainly praying and rooting for you that you might reach many with the great gift you have.”

“We are very grateful that you signed up with us and we will return the favor. I love the Celtic melody in "Be Thou My Vision" and your respectful treatment of it - very nice! We are rooting for you and praying for your success in every way. Peace & Love & JOY, Mark Lajoie!”

“Cori, You are awesome all we can say is wow. We just became fans if yours if you get a chance check us out. Your vocals and music is just incredible. Brothers in Christ Jim Williams John 3:17”

“Cori, You have the vocals that are Ann Murray like. You are a true vocalist. May God open many doors for you.”

“Cori, Thank you so much for being a fan on RN. I listened to your music as well and was very impressed. You have a beautiful voice and your recordings have an honesty that serves them well.... Thanks again for being a fan and thank you for sharing your beautiful music with the world. Sol”

“Surfing the REVERB charts…and I just visited your site. I’m playing and really enjoying your music. "Be Thou My Vision " is a beautiful track of yours and I became your fan.”

“I love your music here, it's very beautiful!!”

“Hey Cori! I'm likin' this!!!!”

“Cori, you have a beautiful voice and a wonderful talent for writing! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us here on RN!”

“Cori, you have a wonderfully God given talent that touches the heart. I pray that God continues to use your voice and talent to reach the lost.”

“Very easy to listen to. Peaceful music to Worship to...Nice job”

"A beautiful voice and an incredibly sweet person!" -

Jason Mitchener - Solid Walnut Music