Corinne Gooden / Press

“I would definitely like more people to know about Corinne Gooden, because she is simply amazing. She is the best female vocalist I’ve heard this year, hands down. She has crafted the kind of album where, after listening to it, you feel like you know her.”

"All My Days" is an intriguing assortment of songs that are instantly engaging and unforgettable. The CD stands out thanks to a strong melodoic appeal owing to the strength of Corinne Gooden's emotional vocal delivery and first-rate songwriting.

Michael Canter - SonicJive

“ “..particular standouts include ‘Leaving a Life’, a break-up song so good it’s primed for your next movie soundtrack or final highway drive from your ex’s place..””

Chris Serico - Acoustic BC

“All My Days is a shockingly good debut as it displays song craft and maturity well beyond Gooden's age or experience. She is a consummate story teller and a talented composer. This is a must own disc, and I would say it's just the beginning for Corinne Gooden... ”