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“Spent a few hours listening over and over to this bad ass band from Colorado....What sticks in my mind overall, is that i view them as a unit who posses both styles of intertwined hard rock and metal...From amazing clean vocals to brutal growls, the singer is quite talented and impressive....Guitars are tight, from sick intros that build up to what reminds me of a cross between a power ballad and a rock tune that softens, yet is catchy and completely appeals to all lovers of metal, rock, and not to use the nasty word "MAIN STREAM" but using it in a way that reaches a broad fan base .The sound of EPIC drums/bass guitar, rhythmic time signatures as well as lead guitars mixed with clean solos, which as a whole work well together provides a hard hitting intro buildup, then pace lessens to somewhat softer until then solos and shredding! There is NO reason that this band shouldn't be on the radio or touring the nation!! Core Zero is on its way!! \m/”

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“Core Zero is the Denver band to be keeping an eye on as they make their ascent from the indie underground into the mainstream! Make no mistake, this band rocks hard on albums and even harder live! Their music flows flawlessly and tightly! Request them on your local radio station TODAY!!!”

Cori Rucker - Rucker Entertainment

“Check out the interview with Core Zero's Lead Vocalist/rhythm guitarist Bryan on Vents Magazine Blog! Unfortunately my auto delete lost some of my info on the web site etc. for this. To read go to www.corezeroband.com and go to the review section where the whole interview is posted or do a google search for Vents Magazine.”

“Metal band, Core Zero, keep the riffs crunching and the vocals soaring on its new album Doxology. This Denver based band blends diverse elements of metal rather well. Look no further than the creeping grunge-like dirge of “Undefined”, which sounds like Alice in Chains and Dream Theater tossed under a steam roller. The grooving beat and fiery solo in the middle make for a great track that could definitely make its way on any metal online radio show......... ”

“From Gods of Indie Guitar CD Compilation submission: "This is very well produced and is quite frankly the 'tightest' band I've ever heard. I dont know if even Metallica can stay this rhytmically tight. At one point you shifted from a very odd time/& tempo immediately to a slower tempo in 6/8 time. Very few musicians in the world would even recognize that, and fewer still could pull it off and only a handful could do it as tightly and flawlessly as you did. Clearly you guys all know and 'feel' each other very well......" "You guys are good... very good. You dont have any Guitar Gods among you, but with your style of music and with the way you play together flawlessly and with the overall sound as good as it is, you dont have to be. We will keep our eyes on you guys for future projects. It is my feeling that with the right producer & management, you have a good future ahead of you. " Our thanks to GIG for the honest and favorable response! Core Zero”

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