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“REB7RTH is a spawn of the legendary artist known as Bizzy Bone from the grammy award winning group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony's, sub-crew called, the 7th Sign Regime. Their music was created and designed by Demetrius "Whodini-Blak" Reynolds, frequent collaborator Michael "Phantom" Piccard & lead guitarist/crew leader Jacob "Cordosa" Fosner. On November 6th, 2012, starting off with only 4 members (Demetrius "Whodini-Blak" Reynolds, Luis "Prince Zalu" DaPonte, Ian "Half Deezy" Vandiver, Jacob Cordosa Fosner, with influence from Michael ), the REB7RTH crew was born. Shamaine "Contraverse" Williams, Ale "Alejandra" Niz And Billy "MtDaze" Sendio REB7RTH sound & style is mostly a fusion of Alternative Metal, Midwest Rap, Hip-Hop, Progressive Metal & Rock, their subject matter range from the tales of street life, philosophy, metaphysics, spirituality warfare to personal experiences and outlooks on life.The crew plans to release their self funded first 7 track EP in March 2013 titled "Novum Genesis"”

“Its much easier to express emotions with words. Its a more noticeable effort when you don't have to use words and your hard work displays it all. Its easier to build a negative energy versus building a positive attitude to keep order amongst chaos. Today is our deadline for having all of our tracks completed as far as recording goes. We've succeeded and we are happy. We are taking the rest of the days off until February to gather our promotional material and enter into the legal field. Cheers to REB7RTH, and cheers to you for helping us with inspiration to do this. We love you all!”

“People have been wondering about all this REB7RTH fuss. Well we've decided to let you in on our secret project. So we are sharing the longest song on the EP. Its called "Restless". Ladies & Gents...I present to you REB7RTH!”

“Chekk it out! The homie Cordosa from Denmark! Amazing Producer and Musician! Prodigy. Show some love. Take a listen.. http://www.youtube.com/user/CordosaDK/videos”

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