The Black Masquerade / Press

“From former band name Cord of 3, with such singles as "Letter of my Life", "The Edge" and "broken but undeniably hopeful" comes the rebirth of the band and it's success as The Black Masquerade. Their newest Eponymous release of their album titled "Freak Show" smashes reviews and expectations of the bands former shadow. The songs were all recorded at the famous Lakeside Studios with the legendary producer Travis Wyrick (P.O.D., 10 years, Pillar) who took the members and their ideas to the next level of their careers. The approach taken during this vulnerable time was to really dig and soul search in each and every member, as the band mourned the loss of its former bass player Brandon Bradshaw who was shot and killed in a road rage incident. When asked about recording these songs in such a delicate time, the members had this to say: "Music is how we heal, without music we have nothing. So it only makes sense that we would use this pain and loss to turn into something beautiful."”

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