Copper & Glass / Press

“… a masterpiece in twelve episodes…”

Rootstime.BE (Belgium)

“I could tell these guys were a step beyond. A step beyond the formula music being churned out by the posers in Nashville. A step beyond the possibilities of artists who are just not quite there yet. A step beyond most bands churning out Americana...”

Frank Gutch, Jr. - Folk and American Music Exchange

"Cool, smart and talented musicians with a lot of soul. Do I smell platinum? L.A. and Nashville, take a listen to THESE guys."

“A remarkable debut with lots of strong songwriting and fresh sound.”

CountryJukebox.de (Germany)

“...An album well-worth seeking out.”

Maverick Magazine (United Kingdom)

“Excellent writing, cool mandolin, acoustic driven music with a unique sound. Check out the album…you will at least not be disappointed.”

User: FresnoGuy18 - ITunes

“All around top notch! Romantic melodies, slide guitar swells, bass and drums joined at the hip…all things that make Copper & Glass one of the best bands out of the Central Valley.”

Chris Friesen - KMPH Fox 26 Fresno

"These five dudes have a great sound that doesn’t scream 'local band.' In fact, last week I had some of their songs on an iTunes playlist with a bunch of national bands, and as I listened I couldn’t distinguish which was the new local group and which were the veteran national acts."

“Thoughtful lyrics and rockin’ beats…Great group of guys who had us humming their tunes all day.”

Kim Stephens - KMPH Fox 26 Fresno