Coole High / Press

“When people hear the music of Coole High, they sit up and take notice, too.”

“Melding a love of music composition, literature and cultural critique, Coole High is a brilliant lyricist encased in an eclectic set of beats. The jazz and funk influence is unmistakable, but his use of electronica has made him an underground leader. His dense lyricism defies his laid back delivery. With lines like “Son, spit your germs on the iron worm,” he triggers a double-take and then an epiphany in the listeners that recalls golden era hip-hop’s best rappers.”

“Have you ever met someone who totally embodies the concept of cool? If you haven't, allow us to introduce you to Coole High. The New York City born and bred emcee and producer is one of the coolest people around. In addition to his chilled out demeanor, Coole High has a list of credits a mile long and has been deep in the city's underground hip-hop scene for the better part of the past decade.”

“Coole High, the artist/producer also known for dropping a smooth jazz album, has been an integral part of the NYC hip hop underground for many years, and with Futuristiscally Speaking, his laid back attitude, coupled with purposefully forward-thinking subject matter and an aura vaguely channeling Issac Hayes-cool, Coole High can be a tractor beam of a performer, pulling a listener in, capturing their attention”