Convotronics Industries / Press

" You guys need to open up for us every time we come to Grand Rapids "

Turquoise Jeep - Turquoise Jeep Show Grand Rapids

" ConvoTronics is the truth " Phat Kat

" You fellas are on your way just keep at it"

Pharcyde - Prospecto

"You guys are true Hip Hop, I see the hunger in your performace and in your rhymes" " You guys look real organized and professional"

Bboy Ivan - Bboy Ivan


Afrika Bambaataa - Afrika Bambaataa

“ConvoTronics first Grand Rapids Hip Hop group to be on the Vans Warped Tour Bring it Back Stage”

Recoil - Recoil Magazine

“ConvoTronics killed the stage for the Afrika Bambaataa Show in Grand Rapids”

Victor Williams - Vic

“Great Performance at the Vans Warped Tour Bring it Back Stage 2011”

Fritzo Tyler - Bring it Back

"ConvoTronics ablum is dope"

Jous82 - Nick Speed