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“With all the smiles and laughter, it’s easy to miss the fact that CWE is one of the hardest workin’ bands in Philly. “Nowhere, OK” is packaged with a 15 page self-published graphic novel, which follows the album’s narrative — a project almost as time consuming as making the record. Four local artists contributed to the book, and the band paid for all of the printing out of pocket. “The graphic novel came about because of our friends, really,” says Craft. “We’re friends with a lot of artists, and we were trying to decide on the cover art for the album. It just kept getting bigger and bigger as we talked about it.””

“CwE is a shaggy, Dr. Dog-like, West-Philly-to-Fishtown quintet that makes easy, breezy, summery pop with a rough-and-tumble feel. There's lots of screeching girl/boy harmonies and squelchy rhythms and blaring trumpets. On occasion you can hear waves under the old-school surf pop”

“What could be better than a band with members who act out their fantasies as Satan, a werewolf and a vampire? A band that does that and releases a full length album that comes complete with a graphic novel, of course!”