Controlled Folly / Press

“Controlled Folly are a group that dares you to describe them. They have moves that would make Jack Black blush and tunes that adhere to some mystical arrangement that only they can hear. Fascinating.”

“The content of his flyers (aside from bands/place/date) range from musical instruments... to political or social issues that affect us, to... creative visuals... easily picked out among the collage of flyers that can be found all over Athens...”

“Upbeat and extremely danceable.”

“Wanting to do more... [for the community]”

“The concert will last over seven hours”

“Although music will be the focus at the show, it won't be the only attraction.”

“Gritty harmonies and fast fiddles.”

“I never even knew bluegrass was a type of music.”

“I think that it’s great, the hard work that they’ve done has come to fruition because it can be so hard to, you know, have a business in Appalachian Ohio.”

“Somebody must have been paying attention.”

“a perennial native to the Eastern United States”

“local... group”

“Rock and roll, similar to The Rolling Stones and The Ramones with a touch of Mozart.”

“Controlled Folly... makes a point of experimenting with diverse genres in their songs.”

“The band is sure to play something that appeals to everyone.”


“A twist of fate... go see the show...”

“a good place to start if you haven't partaken”

“acoustic wizardry”