Contortion / Press

"Walking a fine line between Thrash Metal and subtle Metalcore influences, they mix a cocktail that holds promise for both older Machine Head fans and younger headbangers. Most recognizably on Shouter Brian Stone, who is reminiscent of Pantera-Anselmo and soulful Aggro-Times. It's no wonder that Contortion is able to open for a variety of acts such as Six Feet Under, Overkill and Sworn Enemy....It would be a shame for them not to be recognized by a major label...as long as they are brave enough to support for what the band stands for... Contortion is against the corrupt state, starving children, police brutality and the widening gap between rich and poor."

Metal Hammer Magazine (Germany)

“The group combines a lot of sounds from many different metal and hardcore sub-genres, making it difficult to define them... but double bass and the vocalist’s harsh Anselmo-like singing...”

“Don’t try listening to these guys on your stupid little iPhone… it’s likely to blow up in your face and catch your hair on fire. Break out the woofers and the tweeters and experience the dizzying riffs keeping incredulous time with the humanly impossible tight rhythm section.”

“Sunny Southern California’s thrash metal stalewarts have been thrashing out groove-driven and body bruising thrash metal since 2000, and “Live Grenade” is their latest weapon of aural mass destruction. Musically, they’ve combined Pantera-esque musical characteristics with the hellish thrash tactics of the Bay Area scene such as Skinlab, Testament, Exodus and others. Vocally, Contortion has got a very gruff and rough style of singing, not wimpy, but definitely pissed off and something that will command your attention. The only thing, which disappoints about this EP is that it short with just four tracks barely clocking in at 14 minutes. I know this is an ep, but these guys simply rock the walls around, fuck ya. Guys, please release a full length album as it will satisfy my ungodly thrash metal cravings. Great stuff for fans of thrash and very pissed off heavy metal.”

"Contortion play their brand of aggressive, brutish metal with a competency and tightness you'd expect..."