Consider the Source / Press

“Pulling off music that is this complex is akin to walking a tightrope in high winds. Making all of it groove, move and breathe organically is an even more-daunting challenge, but all through Friday’s show, CTS did just that. Rarely is music this progressive so . . . well, sexy and exotic are the words that come to mind. Music for the brain and the body, then. ”

Buffalo News

"a particularly enticing and heady brand of jam-rock that's heavy on complex time signatures, Middle-Eastern motifs and blurry, white-hot musical interplay."

Free Times Columbia

"a shimmering prog-rock opus"

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"having seen them live, I completely understand why people are so fanatical about them. They were amazing."

Guilt Free Pleasures

"Consider the Source fuse a variety of styles together to create their own sonic masterpieces. Though there are only three members in the band, they manage to weave a thick tapestry of sound.

The Raquette

"If you're curious as to what the kids are listening to in the Big Apple, Consider The Source may provide the answers."


"intense jams, showcasing their diversity and pushing their instruments to the proverbial limit"


"impressive improvisational skills and signature Middle Eastern motifs."


“Village Voice hails us as "Mesmerizing World Metal"...”

“2007 Top Recordings”

“CTS Mention in Howard Mendel's Book”