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"J.J.’s band consists of a trio of aces who certainly aren’t your garden variety sidemen. J.J. Cady is a sharpshooter on guitar, Chris Cloyd emanates a punk-jazz panache on bass and Conor McAlindin seems like he has a couple of spare limbs on drums. They support their front woman tastefully while occasionally pushing the sound into a formidable jam space. The last time they played here on July 5, their progression was evident as the second set ventured into a loose, intrepid realm."

"When The Ratlum Mountain Boys showcased their high-energy, bluegrass inspired music at Ski Sundown last weekend it was both a reunion and a first."

"Sean and Conor McAlindin come to Fernwood to play a lively bluegrass show this Friday...Some of the most delightful live acts aren't on the radio, they're on the road meeting and creating local fan-bases wherever they stop for the night"

“McAlindin Music Releases First Full-Length Album! The first full-length record on McAlindin Music is now available with release of Sean McAlindin's solo debut entitled Women & Roads! You can listen and download at: cdbaby.com/cd/seanmcalindin Hope you enjoy! And may this be the first many musical recording endeavors from the Boys of Ratlum Mountain!”

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