Connibal Road / Press

“When Connibal Road hit the stage, I was initially focused on the drummer, Sean Leonberger. He puts a lot into his performance, which has apunk rock style of drum playing that I personally admire. The vocalist, Ryan Nelson, puts thought and depth to the lyrics, and his melodies are harmonized from time to time by both Michael Bivenz and Rick Harshany. Rick seems to be the more outgoing of the two, but there was one point in the show where Michael really showed his skills in the form of a solo. Not your average solo, either; it had atmosphere to it. Bassist Benjamin Coan, seemed to quickly warm up to the Pageant’s large stage after a song or two. After that, he was really into it and smiling away, while playing his six-string bass. The guitar work has syncopation to it and makes for some interesting layers at play, between the punk style drums and all.”