CoNFiDeNZ / Press

“we been in this since day one, we gonna blow up together like fam son!”


“Ur a very talented person with great potential. Dont ever stop chasing ur dream. Love ur music and good luck with ur career!!!!”

“Confidenz is one of the most dedicated artists I know”

“The Master of Dope”

“What I like about Confidenz's music is that no song sounds alike. I can listen to all his music without getting tired of it”

“I feel ur dreamz , u really inspire me here”

“Hi, I DO like your music and I think it's really unique not like the other mainstream sounds on the radio & tv today, wish you much success and my respect!”

Dennis Montero

“Youre about to snatch that mr worldwide title from pitbull yo. Dont leave me hanging like soon im gon be on youre website like 'much love from India' :) haha.. Ya know wami say.. Im so happy for the response ur gettin. Ur a really good artist n u deserve this. One way UP!”

“i think i found my favorite musician... your songs are awesome.. i respect you man.”

“Confidenz holds it down”

“You started from the bottom, only one way to go...”