Cones of Uncertainty / Press

“On stage or in the studio, the sounds are never predictable. "When we're writing, we try to forge ahead and go into new territory," Tancill said. "The band name fits our mentality that we like to keep things uncertain." So far, the band has released just a few songs on its Reverb Nation page. Among those songs is "Ballad of the Bully," which, unlike recent songs about bullying, comes from the point of the view of the bully. The song is dark, furious, funny and no-frills good rock. There's also "Chuck Jones Bull," a sort of ode to Looney Tunes animator Chuck Jones, as well a song about Tancill's personal experience, walking down an alley in New Orleans. One thing leads to another, and that's how the band operates, Gargano said. "With a lot of our songs, it'll start with one little snippet, then it expands," Gargano said. "The feeling of the sounds we're making makes us think of something, and that gets the ball rolling." ”