concep / Press

“Cambridge, MA rapper Concep is currently working on his forthcoming mixtape entitled "Concep Vs The World", from which he last released the single "Doing Me" produced by Los Angeles Dubstep beatsmith Rusko (known for his hit "Cockney Thug"). Concep plans to bring a fresh and creative style to music tying in raw HipHop, Pop, Electro and even Dubstep. Concep now releases his brand new single, "Long Time Coming" with the mellow production of Sean Divine and featuring Cip (of Split2Ent). He really shows the diversity he possesses with these first two singles. "Concep Vs The World" coming soon.”

“Concep has been staying busy under the radar for the past few months, but his grind is evident with these three new tracks. He dropped his E.T. remix a couple months ago and I was really feeling it, but somehow missed out on posting it. Maybe I retained my wishful thinking that he was going to add another verse, even though he specifically told me he wanted to keep it short and to the point. In addition, he went in over Rusko’s work as well as an original production by lyr1ks which does not disappoint either.”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, since he doesn’t sport the arrogant swag that most MCs wear like fur-collar coats. “I want to be someone who people can relate to in everyday life. I use a lot of my life experiences, and I see what other people are going through.” Born in Roxbury, Concep was raised in Cambridge, where he first started rhyming. With a scholarship to NYU, he planned to continue rapping and study music production and film. But before he could attend college, a police raid on his house landed him in jail for three months and lost him the scholarship. “I always think about how my life could be if that didn’t happen.” Now, Concep works as a carpenter to pay his bills. His upcoming album, Thus Far, is his first solo project after four years in the group G-Hard.”

“Our boy Concep shares a 16-bar a cappella freestyle he laid down for The Boston Phoenix’s column on “Boston’s Rap Class of 2010″. With the Boston hip-hop buzz generating after Boston’s Boy, Sam Adams, blew up the charts, Boston’s MC scene has since been receiving more respectable recognition. If your ears are enjoying this flow, check the kids summer anthem for the Bean, “Summertime Boston Remix” here on Reverb Nation. Hit him on Twitter and give a shout to the #WAAY movement!”

“I’ve known Concep since high-school and this is definitely the most polished joint he’s ever sent my way. I wasn’t a huge fan of his previous offerings, but songs like this that show a lot of progression will probably have me checking for his upcoming Streetfire 2… plus homie is from Cambrid”