Young Fierce aka. Prince 2tutimen / Press

“Your music is just as sexy as you are!! Can't wait till you hit Vegas, we'll be looking out.”

Heaven - Pretty Girls Rocks

“I'm still hooked on the first album Sinful Living with Righteous Intent,..nobody touches each any every subject with the same passion like you do. Your time is coming, keep pushing. Love from the D town.”

Lucky - Righteuos Riders

“Young Fierce is the truth, there's no way in the world he isn't signed yet!!!”

Blackfoot - Town Favorites

“Sinful Living With Righteous Intent. Aside from that being one of the coolest rap album titles of all time, that record was phenomenal. Search “Young Fierce” into iTunes and you should be able to get it.”

Chris Mills - Demencha Magazine

“We’ve been following hip hop and rap music in Kansas City for years, but still to this day have never heard anyone quite like a Young Fierce. Off the wall. Outlandish. Aggressive. These are all words that you could use to describe his style.”

“Thirsty and more ambitious then ever...Young Fierce is on the rise. Prepare yourself for the new sound of the millennium! "HUSTLE UP!!" ”

David Womack - JuzBlaze Magazine