Columbia / Press

“Columbia takes its show on the road to the U.S., bringing with it only an ego as big as its sound.”

“If you're a fan of big sounding Brit rock, you're going to fall head over heals for Columbia. They bring back a vibe that I'm all too pleased to hear once again...great songs, big chorusses, attitude...and a great live show.”

“5-man 'Universal new rock' brigade Columbia is one of the rising stars of this year's Vancouver Seeds 2009 competition. With their unique blend of blazing guitar licks, harmonic vocals, and sky-high ambition, these boys are winning over both Seeds and Supernova.com listeners”

“At the end of the day, all current band members of Columbia are heading in a direction that only the lucky and the brave venture to. This CD is very promising, and I can only say one thing: Watch out world, the new British sound movement is in Canada!”

“* Top 10 finalists in Seeds 2009 * #1 song out of all the seeds contestants with the song "10 Out Of 10" on Supernova.com's top 10 seeds songs. * #1 band on Supernova site for the week of may 31 and June 28th. * Two # 1 songs on supernova's top 100 countdown with "My Conscience me" and "Everything"”