Color School / Press

“Jingle Jangle hippy rockers with an inner-city slam”

“the arrangement allows the percussion and guitar tracks to really stretch out and have fun driving”

“Organic funk and topical conceptualization join forces throughout this genre-blending new project from an aptly named Color School.”

“Click play, sit back, and enjoy a funky experience with some great wordsmiths and music heads.”

“The band’s songwriting stands tall, perhaps above genre or style....reminiscent The Corrs. "What's On Your Mind reminded me slightly of Beautiful South."”

“Somewhere between Echobelly and Belly (90’s Belly people, let’s be real here), sprinkled with a bit more sweetness & presence and an energetic Strokes-like guitar riff or two, some Superchunk indie-inspiration for good measure – and you’ll find this vibrant Indie-Rock slice of delight from Color School thriving.”

“Own reminds me of the sort of song they would have used as the theme song / intro in early 90s teen TV shows like “California Dreams.””