Colonel Blast / Press

“To call Colonel Blast brutal is doing them a disservice, I’m not sure there is a word that can do justice to their sound… So, let’s just say it’s heavier than a bull elephant’s nut sack the week before mating season.”

“Colonel Blast don’t treat their listeners like imbeciles, they don’t spell everything out for you. They play the music that they want to play and it’s up to you to figure it out. Marvellous!”

“You want Hardcore, they give you thrashing hardcore. You want Death Metal or Grindcore influences, they give you that. It is this variation in style that sets Colonel Blast apart from most other bands in this genre. They are more than capable of playing face-meltingly fast and heavy tunes, but more than that there is an intelligence to their music which means it is never dull or labored.”

“Colonel Blast are intense, as they have managed to cram multiple elements into a 30 minute album that leaves you with a buzz of adrenaline that makes you feel like you’ve been in a UFC fight with Georges St Pierre and lived to tell the tale!”

“A hugely impressive debut release that showcases a unique sound married to a near-frightening emotional intensity - definitely worth your time.”

“Colonel Blast manage to blast apart the walls far more convincingly than many of modern metals seasoned veterans.”

“The new Colonel Blast is everything a great underground band should be: they shred, they're mellow at times, they're intelligent, they're angry, they're emotionally engaging, and they have a polished yet raw intensity to them.”