ColonBlow / Press

“I got a ZZ Top vibe. That was really good.”

Anthony of This Could Get Messy - The Listening Party Podcast

“I really like this track. It's called Empty Wagon. They're awesome!”

“I do love 'The Boobie Song'”

Katrina - The Bone 106.3FM

“ColonBlow is the official band of the hour and a half variety show.”


“There is something wrong with these guys... I need to play them more.”

Homemade Jam - WKIT

“These guys always make me laugh!”

Katrina - The Bone 106.3FM

“(Empty Wagon) This is like the song of my summer.”

Kennedy - WTOS 105.1FM

“'The Boobie Song', it's a home run!”

Mark Curdo - WCYY

“That was a jam. I love the harmonica.”

Denise - The Listening Party Podcast

“WTOS Homegrown 2010 People's Choice Award Nominee!”

“Proving you can't judge a book by it's cover, ColonBlow is a good band.”

WMPG - The Locals

"ColonBlow! It's just fun to say! Those guys are getting a lot of exposure. Check them out at ColonBlowBand.com"

93.5 The Edge

"Check them out on MySpace, they are awesome!"


“I think they're on a roll with the funny lyrics.”

Rod - The Listening Party Podcast

“All I have to say is...YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! "Let's Get Dirty" is AWESOME. :) Love the other tunes as well!”


“I thought they were going to be punk by the name, but they are a good band”

WMPG - The Locals

"'Empty Wagon'- A great little summer song."

Kennedy, WTOS 105.1

"The state of Maine has kick ass lobster to prove it's AWESOME, but if you need another reason, ColonBlow will be waiting for ya!!!"

The Chemical Riot

"The band is called ‘ColonBlow'... seriously. They’ve got a very catchy song.”

Kennedy, WTOS 105.1

“I love that little melody. It just gets in your head, it's really catchy. ColonBlow is a really good band. ...go out and buy a couple of their songs.”

Rod - The Listening Party Podcast

"They are amazing ... they are hysterical ... have to be heard to be believed."

Todd on The Bone FM 106.3

"The name of the band is 'ColonBlow'. Do you think they really care if they get us fired or not?"

Coast 93.1 Morning Show

"Love the track, it is called Empty Wagon”

Kennedy, WTOS 105.1

“A very funny band.”


"Their name is becoming, it fits them."

The Bone FM 106.3

"I Like Women" and "The Boobie Song" (God bless the twins!!!!haha) Amazing lyrics!!

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