College The Musical: A Musical About College / Press

“Wecksell and Meyersfield sing about it all: the correlation between alcohol and one-night stands, unprotected sex and STDs, Natty Ice and a horrible morning after. This musical is not for your overprotective, conservative parents, nor is it an imitation of Broadway sensations, such as "Rent" and "Spring Awakening."”

“College the Musical. A small local show that two classmates of mine put together, and, unfortunately, is now closed. It was a hilarious 60 minute take on college and sexual safety and other shenanigans. My classmates, Evan Wecksell and Kelly Meyersfield, performed 6 characters, intertwined lots of songs and hilarious moments, all the while sending the message that safer sex is smarter sex, and dealt with some of the emotional aspects of being a freshman and looking for love in college. If they do it again, I highly recommend going to see it for a great laugh. On a personal note, it was interesting seeing the message that's directed to folks who are "clean" (i.e., disease free), being somebody who has been HIV+ for 18 years. I must admit there was a bit of a cringe on my part of some of the old shame, but I'm glad that folks are targetting an HIV- audience so that maybe they won't have to deal with what I've gone through. -TT”

“College the Musical: A Musical About College stars Kelly Meyersfield and Evan Wecksell, two veterans of comedy club and college show tours. Written by Meyersfield, the show details the highs and lows of college life and relationships. According to Wecksell, "the idea for the show came from a play we were trying to make about alcohol awareness. It came out too preachy so it grew into College the Musical." The show combines comedic musical numbers from Wecksell's solo tours with Meyersfield's creative writing. "We love playing small crowds. It reminds me of a similar creative space in my hometown," said Wecksell after the show.”

".... that’s what makes the show work: you empathize and care about the characters. Kelly and Evan have great chemistry together (which makes sense since they’re married in real life), and their ability to play off each other as actors is excellent. Both performers play multiple characters, which makes the show even more entertaining. The ability of Kelly and Evan to switch from one character to the next is an amazing sight to see."

"....the material is buoyed by the genuine likeability of its two performers, Kelly Meyersfield and Evan Wecksell. Both have an easy presence on stage, and they are clearly having fun. Wecksell (in multiple roles) comes across like someone you’re sure you’ve already met in real life. Meyersfield (also tackling multiple characters) feels like something all her own, a combination of fierce and bubbly with a touch of anarchy in her eyes."