College Fund Band / Press

"This very talented group of 3 has a long and successful future ahead in the music business !     Keep your eyes on them!"  

“Debbie grew up in a musical family and was gigging with her siblings at nursing homes and hospitals before elementary school, but she never pushed her sons to perform.”

“This is no school performance. Jack and Dan Gantt of Gloucester are busking on the streets of Harvard Square, and their T-shirts identify their ensemble as well as its purpose - the College Fund Band.”

"College Fund Band (CFB) has been a valued performance group in Faneuil Hall Marketplace’s world renowned Street Performer Program for two years. This amazing ‘musical family’ continues to prove itself as one of the most talented, enthusiastic and professional performers at the Marketplace. As a result of their popularity, CFB was chosen to be a feature performer in the Marketplace’s Sounds of Summer Music Fest, which takes place every Thursday night during the summer season, along with other esteemed events at the Marketplace. This group truly is a pleasure to work with, and brings an unmistakable joy to any crowd for whom they perform. I’m more than confident that their talent and professionalism will be an asset to your show or organization. Please feel free to contact me anytime for further information." - Rebecca Stoddard, Marketing Manager @ Faneuil Hall Marketplace