Collective Dreams / Press

“Collective Dreams is making waves in San Antonio's alternative music scene and giving traditional indie music a run for its money. Concentrating more on music as an experience than a story... ”

“...trying to communicate an experience through a song the same way a painter does through a painting or a playwright does through a play.”

“...Rodriguez’s bass lines that get the listener moving along with Barber and Salinas’ haunting guitar riffs that perfectly compliment Hildenbrand’s beats that keep you wondering what comes next. The crowd feeds off the energy and emotion at their shows and has a good time. How could you not...”

"The power to instantly and simultaneously infect the eardrums of the entire earth with powerful music that moves."

"It is impossible to sum up Sunday night’s performance in one word. Hell, it’s difficult to choose which of the myriad of remarks Collective Dreams inspired to include in this review."