“This was said about us this morning....From WNYR Radio New York...Everyday is a new adventure...God Is Great! Quote: Sounds great! 'WITH YOU" By COLLAZZ' has good radio potential. Hit me up on email at danny@wnyr-radio.com. Danny”

“On the 12th of Sept.2015, There was an event held in Pomona where JTG and Collazz performed. They made it an evening to remenber. There are still people asking. Who was that couple who sang at the event. Freddy Collazz and his wife are two of the most talented people I know. I want to thank them publicly for their participation. Thank you Freddy, And JTG always brings it.”

“Freddy Collazz! I love the song! It brings back that distinct old-school R&B vibe that we grew up and grooved to! And, the lyrics, "Don't Make it So Hard" are a message that this world is in dire need of! You and your wife are doing a beautiful thing! I am hopeful to work with you and Jeff "The Great" soon! THANK YOU for an early birthday gift! It was a blessing!!”

“CORLISS FREDA JOHNSON SAYS: Its the guy who produced the single "This Is How We Dance" that spins weekly on Freda's New Talent New Talk Radio at 5pm- 6pm streaming live at www.wclmradioonline.com In Richmond VA yall. WCLM Radio www.wclmradioonline.com.”

“ Corliss Johnson - Varina, VA 05/01/2012 7:35 AM Freddy Collazz you and Sandra has done it again. This is music that will last a life time. Will be spinning it on the show here at Freda's New Talent New Talk Radio on 1450 AM WCLM. Friday's at 5pm -6pm est. streaming live at www.wclmradioonline.com. where you will be hearing the Collazz's oh yeah!!!! And I am waiting for my next drop ”

“ON NEW COLLAZZ TUNE "GOD IS WATCHING"...This kind of reminds me of Earth, Wind, and Fire meets Stylistics and a sprinkle of the Bee Gees - DAMN!!! 3 very successful bands coming out of one - not bad! And a very positive attitude in the lyrics. The keyboard work is cool. Nice work!”

“Collazz...the POWER couple of this generation! I love what the promise´╗┐ of the future holds for them both! With smash hits like: "Hurricane && Ticket To Ride" a launch into orbit iz their forcast! Soothing music for the soul...that's what COLLAZZ iz bringing to the musical table! Ahhh! ~1~ Cavanasty”