Colin Scallan / Press

“Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!”

“Should be required listening!”

“Original & Organic!”

“I need to see this in person..”

“I became instantly addicted to your music”

“Some of the best written, tightest tunes I've had the pleasure of hearing.”

Rick Frost - comment - reverbnation

“Top class lyrics and production, excellent stuff”

“Colin Scallan strikes a blow for the independent musician”

Kevin Forde - Leinster Leader, Ireland

“A taste of Van Morrison moodiness...Exceptional!..”

“Colin: Everytime I come and listen to the magic that you create it jumps out at me at how distinctly unique your sound is. I know everyone has influences but your stuff seems like it was imported from another dimension. There is nothing else like it - nor anything that comes even remotely close to being as exceptional. You are truly a gift bro.”

Rick Frost - Reverbnation

“The piano and guitar work is "CLASSIC", Tight rhythm from drum and bass keeps this Honey-dripping, mouth-watering song, kicking along. It makes me wanna MOoooove!”

“Kudos on production, originality, and daring! Man and that piano roll sounding solo is too far gone. Six thumbs up on this one!!!”

“anyone who hasn't bought the disc needs to do it now!”

“Real music from an act I could listen to forever”