Cole Washburn / Press

“With the current mainstream country sound leaning heavy on influences from the pop and rock genres, the one thing that is missing from a majority of the songs that we are fed are lyrics that are full of emotion, full of heart, and crafted very poetically. For those types of songs you need to look to country music’s subgenres like folk or Americana. With his new EP Traveler’s Moon, Cole Washburn finds the perfect combination of all of the left of the mainstream dial aspects to put together his own unique brand of folk based music.”

“Cole Washburn EP Traveler's Moon. “When you listen to Cole's music, you know immediately that he is housed in one of the southern states of America. Cole delivers his lyrics with great finesse on his new EP “Traveler's Moon”. His heart and soul seem full of ordinary life while translating these six beautiful folk-roots songs into pensive melody. Cole did not happen overnight. He proves in his songs that he did not write the words and stories in a few minutes but seems to have lived them, to have touched them with his own two hands. Therefore, I was very moved from the first chords of his songs. Cole is a great folk artist and we will expect in the future more good work from him.” -Rudy Minnaert. Program Director. Ternuezen FM. The Netherlands.”

Rudy Minnaert - Ternuezen