Coldshock / Press

“Really enjoyed the music last night. You guys never fail to impress!”

Paul Mouton - Appreciated Supporter

“My wife and kids had the cars tied up, but that wasn't gonna stop me from missing a Coldshock show....It was well worth my ten miles of walking!”

Richard Broussard - Appreciated Supporter

"I have seen Coldshock twice now and have been impressed every single time. They are a bunch of good guys and are very interactive with the crowd. They are fun to watch, never boring, and they rock out to almost everything. They even have original songs, which is a huge plus! Go see them...you wont be dissappointed, I promise you"

Jacob Salas - Appreciated Supporter

“From the first time I heard their music and got to meet the members of the band, I knew what it was to be around Great Music and Great People! They started out as a cover band but found thay had something to say themselves. I have tried to label their music as "the next..." and can only come up with this as the answer: They are the first to sound like Coldshock and not "the next" anything. Buy their music and catch their next show and you will not be dissapointed. Nearly 5 years together with all original 4 members has taken them on their quest for self discovery, and as far as I can see, this is only the beginning!”

Evil Dexter - DJ - Lafayette's Rock 93.7