Coldrain (U.S.) / Press

“Coldrain is a hard rock band from Moberly, MO. The band features Jessica Weaver on vocals, Jesse Dunivent on guitar/vocals, Nathan Weaver on the drums, Victoria Tanner on the bass, and Isaac Tanner on the guitar. This band comes together and makes some good music with a great female singer, and good instrumentation. The songs are all spirit-filled and definitely speak of God. The songs deal with being empty inside, living in a cold world, death, and about how without God we really will not make it anywhere. God is the solution to all of life's peoblems. With God we are never alone as He is always by our side, and helping us make it. This CD to me was a great reminder of those things. They definitely do it the right way and help expand the kingdom of God. I recommend this CD if your looking for a great rock CD with a female singer that does not hold back on certain issues. I really look forward to what this band is going to do next.”

“Coldrain is the “best kept secret” of Moberly, Mo. That will soon be changed! The angelic yet mighty voice of Jessica, the heavy riffs of Jesse and Isaac, and the thumping rhythm section of Nicki and Nathan packs a “one-two punch” right into your music jugular and stays there, making you crave more. The 12-track CD “WALKING WITH THE FORGOTTEN” evokes emotions from the melodies of “UNDER RED LIGHTS” and ‘THE FORGOTTEN” and raises your fists to rock with “MY STRIFE” and “BLACKOUT.” There is a song for everyone on this CD. Be sure and check it out, and keep Coldrain on your radar.”

Michelle Fitts - Local Bandamonium

“What do you get when you take a brother, 2 sisters and a guy who is with one of the sisters and throw a lifelong friend in the mix? Well I'll tell you, You get Coldrain, a band that is completely in tune with each other and you can tell they have a history together. Coldrain is a force to be reckoned with, great humor and stage presence with riffs and rhythms that will get your feet thumping and your heart pounding. Not to mention the beautiful voice of Jessica leading all there songs from idea right into your brain. Coldrain is 100% William may's ROCK N ROLL page APPROVED”

“And another band to be on look out for is Coldrain...all I can say is WWOOWWWW! They are amazing. This chick has got some lungs on her. I normally don't like the female lead vocals but she def proved me wrong.”