Cold Cold Sweats / Press

“The band boasted a full electric setup, and played a high-energy set from start to finish.”

“ This is one of the most underrated songs of all time from two rather unknown musicians, Rhyal Knight and Siler Thomas Head. This is one of those songs that has the ability to instantly put you in a good mood. I actually first heard this song on a different blog and from the second I heard it, I knew it would become a favorite. The mixture of exceptional vocals and amazing guitar are what really draw me in. ”

“Rhyal Knight and Siler Thomas Head come together on this collaboration (Whisper) that almost guarantees a second listen at the very least. While the vocals are just as enticing, it’s really the use of the guitar that will sweep you off your feet.”

“Rhyal Knight’s new album, In Transit, can now be purchased on iTunes. This one’s oh so hot!”

“Their sound is very refreshing and relaxing, so I wouldn't even think about passing up on this track (In Transit). Props to Rhyal Knight for this amazing song and the hard work they've been putting in, they are going to be big”

"Rhyal Knight delivers a song with vocals that can evoke hard rock / alt rock / emo rock at the same time as it gently reminds us of folk and country. With a traditional band backing these vocals, this song comes together as a really catchy track without an instrument made out of a computer"

"I came across Rhyal Knight a while back ago but decided to keep it for myself until now.."