"Chicago, experimental indie-rockers Cold Blue Kid click best when they’re subverting styles without totally falling off the ledge. Their latest single, “Way Out,” plays like a J Mascis dream-pop fever dream as ethereal harmonies fly all around the room. I’d recommend giving it a play or four."

"This track represents a slice of the music that I listened to in middle school, transitioning to high school. From the blissed our vocals to the simple yet catchy instrumentation reminds me so much of Peter Bjorn and John. The female vocals give the song such a lovely ring and plus, the track is free!"

"Cold Blue Kid's album Way Out is a wonderful indie rock journey of passion, creativity and sound. The title track Way Out feels youthful and infused with sunny hope and optimism."

"Promoting human conscious evolution through music Podcast:

“Let’s get right into today’s Pick Your Poison, which features some quality downloads from American Monoxide, Cold Blue Kid......”

"Way Out,” starts out like a peppy surf-punk number but quickly turns into something understated and warm. Eventually the song turns crunchy in a muddled, 90s-influenced fashion (and who can argue with the 1990s?).''

“Cold Blue Kid's dynamic and captivating sound could be categorized as indie/pop/rock/shoegaze. They are known to mix straightforward alt rock / pop with dense layers of atmosphere and noise to create an ethereal, yet somehow familiar sound. Since the release of “Mimic” in 2012, Cold Blue Kid went through a transformation, a hiatus, and a number of other personal obstacles that Alex Longoria had to endure before he could commit to giving this album the attention it deserved, but thanks to the collaborative efforts of the talented musicians he surrounds himself with, including Jessica Hay, who provided the female lead vocals, “Way Out” was finally able to come to fruition for Spring of 2016. And it has been worth the wait.”

"They are known to mix straightforward alt rock / pop with dense layers of atmosphere and noise to create an ethereal, yet somehow familiar sound."

"Igniting this spellbound sense of psychedelic dream-love is singer/song writer Alex Longoria and Elizabeth Burchfield whose dreamy, sensual voice delivers the chills. Cold Blue Kid is on their way to the top."

“Cold Blue Kid’s new video for “Now You Wake” shows their masterful style at the experimental. The smooth vibe and dual vocals play perfectly together and make you want to know more about this band from Chicago. Track them down. It’s worth the trip.”

“Atmospheric. Hauntingly mesmerizing. Cold Blue Kid's music has a unique, innovative sound, but also one that is also grounded in stability. The dreamy, fuzzy backdrops combined with darker rock elements and experimentation with different instruments leads to the culmination of a soothing soundtrack featuring all that is good in the world of indie folk rock. Songs range from introspective, comprised of languid beats, to summery, synth-induced rock.”

“Cold Blue Kid delivers something new and out of the ordinary for indie pop lovers out there. Mimic is a masterfully crafted record filled with a wave of indie shoegaze rock and punctuated with hazy 80s synth. It's a record that grows on you; forcing you to take a few steps back in hesitation at first listen, yet eventually wooing you in like a long lost lover holding their arms wide open. Step forward and embrace it fully.”

“From the very beginning of our listening session(s), a growing sense of JAMC influence gives way to lightly threaded hints of New Order that seem to float out into an open sea of Scandinavian pop inspiration. All similarities aside, the occasional and unexpected launch of drifting guitars lay claim to a rare sweet spot in the ear, leaving our minds on the sun-drenched lawn of an imaginary summer music festival. Impressive new music from a band we hope to follow up on.”

“Cold Blue Kid are sure to rise in success this year. Their sound differs from much of their folk neighbours, but the step outside the ordinary is far more of a ‘hit’ than a ‘miss’. Their enjoyable, yet emotional music needs attention.”

“Emotionally charged dream pop. That is what I would define Cold Blue Kid’s, Mimic, as being. It’s very atmospheric and vivid. Each song radiates a glimmer that is absolutely mesmerizing. A treat echoing from the streets of Chicago.”

“The Chicago quintet, fronted by songsmith Alex Longoria, scopes expansive, glacial terrain throughout their sophomore release. Cold Blue Kid manage to suspend their moodiness in an ethereal timbre. There are points of darkness here, to be sure, but they're hanging in shafts of light. The melancholy remains absolutely weightless. It's not easy to float sadness into the upper atmosphere, but that's exactly what Cold Blue Kid does best of all.”

“Their music, which they would place on a playlist with Midlake, Emmylou Harris, Talking Heads, Bob Dylan, and the National, is a collaborative indie rock that is really the sum of its parts. Longoria would compare it to paint-by-numbers; he writes songs on guitar and introduces them to the rest of the group to add their own parts and ideas. Finishing up a residency this month at Lincoln Park’s Ace Bar, Cold Blue Kid is shifting their focus towards a follow up EP to their February release, Mimic, and then taking their show on the road – they have quite the following in eastern Europe. But until then, they took some time to talk to us about favorites and first CDs in the back of their van.”

“Just in time for this un-expected heat wave we’re having, CBN got a dope dose of summer rather early when the five-piece band, Cold Blue Kid, reached out to us to give their new EP titled, “Mimic,” a listen. And I have to say, on first listen, “Mimic” had me head bobbin’. This EP takes each listener on an atmospheric wave ride above the clouds.”

“Filter Magazine is excited to introduce our next installment to the Discover The Undiscovered family; please meet Cold Blue Kid. Hailing from Chicago, the 5 piece band fronted by Alex Longoria creates a beautiful blend of guitars, effect pedals, drum machine beats, with a collection of poetry and a whole lot of imagination.”

“Cold Blue Kid is a project worth keeping an eye on. Their sound has the depth to fill a large ballroom and the intimacy to rock a campfire.”

"Cold Blue Kid...have proven that they have enough music, source material, and creative inspiration to make a significant mark on our sonic landscape."

“Cold Blue Kid is a unique creation of frontman/guitarist Alex Longoria and their songs range from electronic synth pop to rock to summery love songs. All around, the EP is a stunning DIY effort considering the variety of sounds and instruments.”

“Unlike most tunes lately, “Mimic” does not force itself on you interest-wise. Starting off with a “The Smiths/We Are Scientists-like” strum. A smart progression to the gentle vocals of front-man Alex Longoria.”

“Maybe Town" is a loose and unhinged track that glides along on a menacing vocal and dreamy guitar line before the addition of female vocals in the chorus takes the track somewhere new and unexpected. We like it a lot.”

“The group played their first show back in March 2011 and began working the follow up to Alex's debut album back in November. The result is a 6-track ep that is a force in melodic guitar rock.”

“Now that we have gotten our dirty mitts on the whole EP we can tell you that it’s the perfect way to kick off 2012 for fans of dreamy synthesizers and guitar work that makes you melt in your desk chair.”

" Cold Blue Kid brings back the sounds from the early ’90s shoegazer and dreampop genres on their EP Mimic. They deliver the psychedelic shoegazer package in predominantly chill downtempo manner. All in all a pleasant sounding EP from Cold Blue Kid.We look forward to hearing from them again."

“Cold Blue Kid does a pretty good job at emulating a sound that has been long gone from what’s considered “fresh” to the radio.”

“good (night) songs from Cold Blue Kid”

“Pick Your Poison: Monday 3-19-12. Okay, let’s talk about today’s Pick Your Poison. I’ll recommend tracks from Andrew Johnston, Black Twig, Breton, Cold Blue Kid,”

“En este 2012 la banda ya mostró su segunda entrega y se trata precisamente de su nuevo Mimic EP lanzado el pasado 12 de febrero y compuesto por seis canciones que siguen en la misma línea sonora, añadiéndose un poco de distorsiones y un sonido más shoegaze entre ecos y sombras.”

“It seems as if each of the chilled out tracks features very strong guitar work surfaced with floating synths, a simple bassline, and piloted by impressive percussion. This is certainly headphone music yet songs like "Maybetown" could certainly impress a crowd with a diverse musical taste.”

“one thing is for sure, and is that they do really awesome music that probably, will make your day one way or another.”

“Chicago's Cold Blue Kid features shimmering hooks, fuzzy arrangements and hazy vocals that all help disguise what is in essence unobjectionable indie rock.”

“On with today’s Pick Your Poison, a grand start to your weekend. I’ll recommend tracks from Cold Blue KId, Infernal Devices, Maps & Atlases.....”

“Fearless Radio had Cold Blue Kid in the studio on January 24, 2012 to discuss their pre-show rituals, their upcoming EP, their dream interviews, and more.”

“Backstage Chicago #32: Cold Blue Kid - Cold Blue Kid performs at the Hard Rock Cafe's Lollapalooza After-Party on August 7th, 2011”

““Feature Performance: Cold Blue Kid over Airplay :: WNUR 89.3 FM (Chicago)””

“De Chicago para o mundo: Cold Blue Kid”

“Through extensive research, we’ve identified talent we consider some of the leading indie artists who should be in your playlist this summer. We’re proud to present this diverse list of voices from all over the world whose substantive music truly speaks to the soundtrack of our lives, passions and concerns of us all. Our first installment to this list is Chicago's Cold Blue Kid.”