Colby Dobbs Band / Press

“On stage there were sounds being crafted unlike anything heard in the local music scene. The musicianship was apparent but not in-your-face, the songs were expertly crafted and the band was clearly having the time of its life.”

“Wow! That is my initial gut reaction to my experience of a live show by Colby Dobbs Band...It is obvious that this group is serious about what they do and their goal is creating amazing music that will appeal to a lot of people.”

“All and all, The Colby Dobbs Band is a well-rounded group with depth that takes them a step further than many groups that do “the funk thing”.”

“The reason I like this one ('The Great Unknown') so much is the fact that it has the three components that all great songs need; innovation, catchy lyrics, and great music.”

“Colby Dobbs Band has the versatility to approach each song differently, and though their sound is distinct enough to tell that it’s them and not confuse them with anyone else, their songs each stand on their own as individual pieces.”