Coincide / Press

“Coincide lived up to all of the hype that surrounded the show. This band, again a four-piece, had a great overall sound and the crowd loved every minute of their set. The lead vocalist had a great singing voice and an above average scream. Coincide has a great alternative rock sound that can be enjoyed by just about anyone. The best part of the set was definitely their rendition of Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean. Their version of this song is the best cover of Billy Jean I have ever heard (and I’ve heard quite a few). You can tell these guys have a great time on stage, and each member is very skilled at their instrument. On their last song, Rockstar Goddess, Coincide was joined on stage by rapper 3-D. The mix between the rapping and hard rock sound created a song that I could see played on the radio someday, and everyone seemed to enjoy this song the most. This was another solid performance from a great band on this bill.”