COhOLiC / Press

"Just listen to "Draw Blood" and you can't help but think to yourself WAW..!!!! It builds from the start and climbs to an epic crescendo and leaves you with one of two thoughts - either "I want MORE" or "Where's the REPLAY button?" A New Year - "The track then pounds out to a truly Manic'esque rollercoaster ride, it picks up tempo, drops back again, and shifts between styles in true Muse fashion helpled by the two Jamie's providing a platform of super tight drums and driving bass lines. Stick Chris's soaring vocals over the top and for me the guys can't fail to impress anyone who listens"

"The vocals are almost gothic sounding and closer to metal vocals but that's not the total standard on this record. They hop around a lot just like the music. They sound like Matt Bellamy from Muse at some points with the use of the falsetto and the guitars can sound like the Smashing Pumpkins fuzz guitar getting close into metal territorry. I really think this band has a great future"

Dan - ZmanMusicReviews

"This is a fine first album by this band which is just so much better than the pop junk you hear on most mainstream radio stations. I thoroughly recommend that you give this a listen"

"COhOLiC are a 3 piece band from West Lothian, who combine meaty guitar riffs with a wall of sound style, bringing to mind bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. 'Waiting For Retirement' is a real blinder of a song, moving along at at a chaotic pace with the band doing their best to reach the highest amount of decibels possible; a fantastic rock n roll tune. 'Like Me' is a different package all together, based on a bass riff for the greater part of the tune, the mournful vocal reminds you of Joy Division, before erupting into a harsher louder proposition, which shows the versatility of both the band and the vocals"

Scotcampus National Newspaper

"And now for something completely different. Well, maybe not completely different but refreshing all the same. COhOLiC took to the stage and delivered an inspired and involving set. Lead singer Chris Ross got steadily more excited - some would say deranged - as this band worked their way through a set of songs that zigzagged across the borders into rock, punk and synth pop territory before crashing (quite literally) off stage. Top class entertainment, this band deserve to be big."

"Next up were serious rockers Coholic, although billed as an IndieRock evening, these guys would not be out of place in either the MetalRock or Punk billings as they portrayed similarities to Muse and very early Manic Street Preachers. The vocals and bass both lead to Punk but with an electro background they are a very interesting sound and would suit a billing with a harder edge to it. Highly entertaining"

Tom Thomson - West Lothian Courier