COFEIN / Press

"The band should continue entering various contests and submitting music for radio playlists as often as possible. Moreover, they should respect their own skills regardless of whether they are derived from natural musical skill or training to avoid selling their music too cheaply. Talent scouts, new artist headhunters and booking agents should pay attention to Cofein. If you, the reader are aware of any reliable professionals who could make the career of this band shine worldwide, please forward them this review."

“...I can't stop listen these songs, I just cant stop listen them.....”

Mihail Grablev - Radio show "Sunday club" at Bulgarian National Radio

“...I can't believe what you just did in my studio! Where have you been until now guys! Great songs, great playing!......”

Denis Rizov - The late tv rock show "Denis & friens" on Bulgarian National Television

“The band Cofein from Plovdiv area, competently playing modern alternative metal will blow up Sofia Club "Rock It" in the late hours of the 2nd May This will be their preface before the official release of their debut.”

“Incredible songs, incredible sound.”