Coeus the Boxing Titan / Press

“The Boxing Titan Spawns has opened my eyes to a style uniquely its own. Heavy handed distortion and effect dependency certainly does not detract from the sound. The well thought out eleven tracks come in at least four plus minutes each but don’t bore. As “Tensions in Cloudland” eases the album open you’re quickly thrown into the grasps of Coeus. Singing lyrics such as “Battlefield Earth/The idea’s the fight” the intelligible sound flows with purpose, melting the tracks together on an identifiable but hypnotic experience. ... Like a well-controlled industrial chaos experiment, The Boxing Titan Spawns is a beautiful convergence of rock, both new and old in style, and heavy tenacity.”

“This music has been lovingly crafted, but by hands that know when to stop fiddling, and certainly do not smooth off all the rough edges. It has been crafted to a strong artistic agenda, as well, one that stalks menacingly across its soundscapes like Coeus himself might (if he actually had any part to play in the mythology that spawned him)...”

“[O]ne thing I'll never do is knock creative ambition, artistic expression, and a passion for what one truly enjoys doing. And the creative force behind CTBT clearly, without question, has all of those things pretty well accounted for. And if Coeus the Boxing Titan wants to punch holes in the walls and barriers of how we might collectively define Rock & Roll - by all means, I'm willing to keep my mind open to listening to him do it. After all, we do have a certain fondness for people who actually want to push the god damned envelope, around here....”

“The effort is advertised as a progressive rock project that will slowly kick your ass. Well, it's hard to merely label it "prog rock" but the latter part of the statement seems completely true cause The Boxing Titan Spawns slowly grows on you: when you listen to it for the first time, the overall impression is getting better towards the end of the album and additionally, your ass is in a real danger if you continue to examine the songs repeatedly...”

“The sound that has been created is both open yet filled with detail and nuance. Influences abound: there's rock, prog, hip-hop, electronic, pop: under the guidance of a lesser talent this could quite easily have turned into a spectacular if never less than compelling mess. That it doesn't is to Mr Patterson's creative talent and focus...”

“[Aro] has produced a sound that would appeal to listeners interested in any genre of music. With his unbelievable talent to fuse instruments and his PC, he should be considered an unbeatable master of sound. Categorizing them as industrial rock doesn’t even begin to combine all the sounds you will come to find by listening to this incredible album...”

“The vocals are mostly spoken rather than sung, the tunes are generally slow to mid-tempo at best, rhythm patterns are constantly in motion speeding up and slowing down. Guitar lines come in and disappear constantly without any apparent pattern. Tunes remain spacious and yet lush at the same time, if that makes any sense. ... They buzz, they burble, they create layers of industrial-like soundscapes as other instruments are filtered through all kind of noise gates. Stuff starts, stuff stops, it gets busy, it gets slow, you hear a mash of sound and then you hear only one tone. It's a very unique sound indeed.”