Coed Pageant / Press

“Bradley and Gretchen Bergstrand are a harmonious duo that tells stories in an honest, sing-along that makes you want to lie out in the grass and imagine. To be short, they’re what incredible would look and sound like in a nicely packed package.”

“this Urbana, Ill.-based male/female two-piece has all the charms of Mates of States but without drums.”

“Bradley and Gretchen Bergstrand have a sweet sound, and is one that I can’t stop listening to.”

“The distinctive vocal style of the pair blankets every song in both groups, and harmonies between Gretchen and Bradley are at the core of all their music.”

“...a gentle, almost classical, little thing built around a lovely bit of viola.”

“They recorded the album this song is from over a couple of weeks in their living room, which gives it an accessible, lo-fi sound. The harmonies are close and work well, with the instrumentation minimal but very effective.”

“Yet, Coed Pageant’s new EP, Winter Blitz, immediately arrested me with narrative lyrics that explore the melancholia that so many of us sink into during the winter months. Each song speaks to the infecting sense of fear, doubt or uncertainty that can seem to creep in every time a winter night falls dark. Bradley and Gretchen Bergstrand’s charming harmonies along with swirling piano parts, a humming acoustic guitar, and somber strings accentuate each emotion encapsulated in the words.”