Cody Wolfe / Press

“CODY WOLFE: NEW SINGLE "Don't Blame Your Drunk On Me" Coming this April!”

“CODY WOLFE Celebrating 200,000 Twitter Followers single release party in Tampa, FL”

Dirt Publicity - Celebrating 200,000 party

“CODY WOLFE celebrating one year in Nashville, turning 22 years old, 120,000 Twitter followers and a new EP produced by a producer at SONY.”

Blake Wright - CODY WOLFE to play CMA Fest

“Cody Wolfe to record new EP with producer at SONY Music Nashville! Vocal tracking has began on a new EP. Celebrating one year in Nashville and new music!”

Blake - New Single 2015 COMING SOON!

“Cody Wolfe sets date to move to Nashville to pursue his career in music! April 27th Cody will be rolling into Nashville, Nashville watch out!”

“Cody Wolfe to Move to Nashville on April 27th!”

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"Listen For Me On Connecticut's number 1 country station Country 92.5fm!" I had a great time kicking butt in Nashville at my new Live Performance Video Shoot!