Cody Jasper / Press

“Cody Jasper and his band played several concerts in Blue Helga. Not surprisingly, the band and Cody even a big talking point at this year's Blue Weekend. "This band is a lot like going to like 'wrote Sigurd Borge in Blue magazine ahead of the Blue Helga. - And he was so right, so right ... Borge also wrote about how he discovered Texas guitarist and artist Cody Jasper and how great a fan he is of the trio presents an inferno of a rock `n` roll show when they are on stage. This got Odda experience even three of four days during Blue Helga - Yes, Cody Jasper was looking at a scene if he was on the program or not. It started with Jam on Thursday at Iris Scene. The band then played the Iris Scene shook and it was hot, rough and tough. In addition to presenting themselves and the music, did the intimate atmosphere Thursday night it possible for the audience, volunteers, other artists and the Blue team to get to know the crew that emerged as very affable personalities. Read more about Bl”

“If you like blues and classic rock, then you will love this band. I just happened to come across a artist and his band called Cody Jasper. Now I haven’t really been a fan of blues music until after I heard one song from this band. The Cody Jasper band is a band that comes from Austin, Texas and consists of Cody Jasper (Lead Singer/Guitar) DW Howe (Bass Player) Jonathan Horstmann (Drums). Their mixing of blues and classic rock is pretty amazing! Their song “Evil Woman” blows my mind, it just gives me a feel good feeling when I listen to it. Its a song that I could listen to all day and NEVER get tired of! I will be keeping up with this band to see what else they have up their sleeves! You guys should definitely check them out and see what you think of them.”

“These guys came through a few months back and they were unreal. The front man Cody Jasper is fun loving bad ass guitar slinger and all around cool guy. Their drummer Greg has professionally toured the world since he was 17 and the bass player Ryan never misses. There music was like nothing Stafford has ever seen. It was like a mix of Mars Volta, Black Keys and Bob Dylan. They are some really cool guys and they just love what they are doing." Thanks for listening, Eric and SMS”